Triple the comfort on a 3 Person Hot Tub

Another great addition to the compact hot tub family is a 3 person hot tub. From the ingenious idea such as the 2 person hot tubs, manufacturers also came up with a unit designed to bring comfort and satisfaction to as many as three people. Whether it is your spouse and your kid or two of your closest pals looking for a slow weekend of unwinding and de-stressing, this kind will do great both outdoors and as an indoor hot tub.

So if you are in search of a 2-3 person hot tub, check out Home and Garden Spas 3-Person Hot Tub. You can never go wrong with its smart controls, compact design, no fuss maintenance requirements and therapeutic fixtures. Enjoy a high quality at the great hot tub prices fully equipped with technology to boost energy efficiency.

Some of its amazing features are:

Seats 3 person which comes with a lounger

With the size of 80” wide and 60 “ long, there is just enough room to accommodate a small family. When you get tired from sitting up or the floating sensation feels better for you, a lounger is available for use anytime. Because of its compact layout, a three person hot tub takes less amount of water to fill it up.

State of the art 9-Colored LED lighting

3 person hot tubA combination of the right colors just helps set up the mood for a party of three in your 3 person hot tub. Lights that not only help see as you move around your outdoor hot tub at night, but a mix of colorful LED lights that creates a calm and warm ambience.

31 Stainless Steel Water Jets

There is not one or two jets but 31 water jets running for that great soaking experience on one of the best hot tubs each time. With pumps powered by a 6 horsepower motor, you feel the force of steady water working its wonders on various parts of your body.

What is even more amazing about 3 person hot tubs is that it is fitted with three types of water jets with each one giving a different kind of effect. Whirlpool Jets are high pressure jets aimed at covering a small surface area of the body for that much needed massage. Another kind called Pressure Point Jets target pressure points at the shoulders, neck, calves and feet. It provides relief for stiff muscles and helps improve blood circulation. Last but not the least are Therapy Jets which cause water to swirl and target areas around the neck. 

User-friendly topside controls

Well-built controls are essential aspects of any portable hot tub. Imagine a tub with displays written in Chinese when you have never been to China? The controls on a 3 person hot tub is strategically placed for quick access and with commands that can easily be understood.

6 Horsepower with two stage pumps

Who says small hot tubs cannot be made out of high grade mechanisms? With 31 jets to operate, it only demands a powerful motor and a strong pump to circulate water. You will just have to hire  an electrician to make the 220v connection which is what it needs to run its many jets and the rest of its parts.

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