Things to Know When Troubleshooting Baja Spas

Most people who purchase hot tubs from different brands or hot tub manufacturers use their tubs for home use and home spa parties. They are the best hot tubs for cozy weekends or water therapy after a stressful work day. Oftentimes, when problems arise, you wouldn’t want to call a technician right away for convenience and costing purposes as sometimes, the hot tub cost is already expensive on its own. So save one from damages in used hot tubs or potential damages for the new ones, Baja Spa has some instructions on how to troubleshoot their tubs.

First is that one must always search for the error codes that should be visible in the control panel. These codes will let one know what the possible problem may be. Most of the time, it can be the temperature or the heating controls. When having these problems with your portable hot tubs or outdoor hot tubs, the manufacturer suggests that one must call for a spa dealer’s attention.

Baja Hot Tub Second is to make sure that the spa is getting power or energy from the breaker box. One can turn it off and back on again to check if it is indeed the problem or not with your Baja spas.

Third, when you buy a hot tub, always make sure to fill up the tub with the right amount of water. One may look at the skimmer to make sure that there is enough water already. Also, the filter needs to be cleaned regularly to make sure that it is allowing water to just flow through.

Fourth, ensure that the so-called ozonator is doing its job for your swim spas or hot tubs. To do so, you may check the plug and make sure that it’s tightly plugged to where it should be.

Baja SpasFifth, be conscious in using your control panel. The water should only be heated in a temperature that is allowable of its amount or the hot tub’s model.

Sixth, you can open the valves that let the water reaches the heater and even the pump. You can also experiment by testing the jet settings in different levels to test how the hot tub should be operated properly.

Lastly, if there are major problems that include the correct heating or setting of water temperature or issues with the pumps, make sure that your dealers are made aware of this so the issue may be escalated to their manufacturers. Baja Spas may help out in setting an appointment for a technician to come and visit your tub especially when power issues are present.

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