The Leisure Bay Spa: Relaxation At Its Best

When you are talking about high quality spa, the name that readily comes to mind is Leisure Bay spa. The brand is widely known for its uncompromising standard in quality hot tubs and accessories. The company was established over thirty years ago and has since continued to set a standard in manufacturing high quality hot tubs and spas. It has also maintained its goal of providing modern innovation designs of spas.

About Leisure Bay Spa

Leisure Bay Spa is a company established more than thirty years ago with a focus on producing various types of hot tubs, aspiring to provide everyone with a spa-like feel in their houses. The company focuses on quality designs, excellent services and presentation in order to make its numerous customers’ happy and satisfied.
Leisure Bay Spa manufactured hot tubs has been proved and tested and has passed quality control before bringing it to the market for sale. Their products comply with CE standards and have gone through strict testing by the American UL. All these have helped customers who buy Leisure Bay spa to have peace of mind because of the safety of the product.
The Leisure Bay Spa - Relaxation At Its BestLeisure Bay spa has different types of spas or hot tubs for your relaxation. There are five major series of spas that you can choose from. Each of these series has different features. One of them is the Elite hot tub which has a feature called Casede waterfall with backlights in it. It has many plumbing system, a floor drain and a skimmer system. The second one is the celebrity hot tubs. Just as the name implies, it is designed for people who love taste and ease. It has a programmable digital temperature and lights in five states. The Polysteel hot tubs provide colored lenses that can be exchanged for different colored lights. It includes self-diagnostics for temperature control.  The four winds hot tubs have complete insulation and works quietly. The Easy hot tub contains an isolation cover and double digital lights.

Relaxing On a Leisure Bay Spa

Leisure Bay Spa hot tubs, provides customers with a relaxed feeling that comes through hydrotherapy. The spas’ self -diagnostics feature prevents overheating of the water, thus, avoiding a situation whereby the body is dehydrated. The spa’s temperature can automatically adjust itself so that the user is not injured.  This will allow you to spend all the time you want for relaxation without the fear of being hurt along the line.
If you are the type that loves spas, you need to get your own personal one for your use. Going to public places like the gym, hotels and public spas can put you in danger of acquiring other people’s diseases. Apart from that, you can also be infected with bacteria that breed in warm water. When you have your own spa, the risk of being infected is totally eradicated.

This is because you will be the only one using it with your loved ones and you will have the chance to maintain it properly by changing the water regularly to prevent bacteria from breeding in it. You will be able to relax all you want, because it will be safe for you.

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