The Famous Inflatable Tub

One of the world’s modern home spa invention is the inflatable hot tub. Compared to a conventional home spa, this type of hot tub became much favorable for spa owners. It’s now considered among the top pick spa products, not only for being very affordable rate, but also for the many advantages that the tub features.

Conventional Hot Tubs and Inflatable Hot Tubs: Which is better?

Actually, conventional tubs and the inflatable ones are designed and manufactured with the same purpose. Both tubs boasts several excellent features which greatly influence a buyer’s decision on which to choose between the two opposing tubs.

First of all, an inflatable tub is very flexible compared to a conventional tub. The tub can be easily deflated or broken down. This makes it very convenient for owners to transfer the tub from one place to another. Sure enough, the owner won’t get a lot of trouble using the tub for outdoor activities with his family and friends. Weekends have never been great and exciting with the use of an outdoor tub.

inflatable spa

And in addition to being offered with an affordable hot tub prices, an inflatable hot tub has also a low operating cost. It usually runs at 120 volts, so it can be plugged into any regular outlet. Owners can now avoid having spikes on their electric bill with the use of this tub.

However, these hot tubs also carry some negative aspects. Of course, buyers would definitely want to know and consider the downside, before rushing in to buy his own inflatable spa. The disadvantage of this tub that buyer should carefully thought about is its durability. Because this portable inflatable hot tubs are designed with a great portability feature, the materials used in manufacturing the tub are very light. This means that these materials are also less durable. On the other hand, conventional hot tubs are created from very strong materials, which makes it sturdy. This is the reason why conventional ones are very resistant to elements and direct damages. If well maintained, they can last for a very long period of time.

inflatable hot tubAnother disadvantage is its low heating power. Inflatable tub don’t have the power to immediately reach a certain level of temperature, unlike the conventional tubs. Also, not all of its hot tub parts is modernized. Inflatable hot tubs are not designed with the use of Hydrojets. Instead, a blower is used which is more common among old hot tub spa models. The blower creates a hydrotherapy effect by blowing the air around the spa. And also because it does not have a good insulation, this is the reason why heat is lost and water cools faster in the tub. Lastly, an inflatable hot tub requires setting up. Owners have to pump it with air to inflate the tub, fill it up with a necessary amount of water, and wait for the tub to achieve a desired level of temperature befo┬áre being ready for usage. It takes a longer span of time to completely set up these portable hot tubs compared to a conventional ones. After using the tub, you’d have to drain the water and completely release the air to properly store the tub.

But the question is, why do buyers choose to have an inflatable spa instead of a conventional tub?

Buyers prefer to go with an inflatable tub when cost is a major priority. As mentioned, conventional tubs are very expensive compared to inflatable hot tubs. You need to have a budget of over a thousand dollars or more, if you prefer to use a conventional tub. Most would prefer cheap hot tubs rather than spending tons of cash. Not only that, you also need to expect for a higher electric bills because the tub has a high energy consumption in maintaining the heat level of the tub. If you plan not to stay permanently on your location, or have plans on owning a dream house one day, then you might as well as consider using an inflatable tub. You do want to bring your tub with you if you want to transfer to another place, right?

Also, you do not need to worry about altering the structure of your house. Unlike conventional ones in which digging up a hole is necessary, inflatable tubs can fit perfectly anywhere, as long as it’s placed in a flat surface. There is no need for asking permits or complying troublesome requirements. If you invest on your private inflatable tub, you can freely enjoy using the tub whether as an indoor hot tub, or you can use it outside your house, if you want to relax and feel the serenity of nature. However you want to use it, the best inflatable tub would always be an excellent choice.

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