The FABs of Hot Tubs and Spas

It is a fact that hot tubs and spas relax the body. People like it because it helps them to relieve stress from their body after a hard day’s work.  Many people know what this awesome machine can do to their body, hence the reason why they patronize gyms and hotels for a relaxing session in the tub. However, many are still at a loss when it comes to the importance and features of a spa. Below are features and benefits of using a spa.

Features of Hot Tub Spas

There are many features on a hot tub that you need to check out when thinking of purchasing one. Apart from its outward beauty, you need to know how it operates as well. When looking at the body of the tub, look for the structures under it and its outer covering. Ensure that there are no visible cracks or leaks on the outward part of the hot tub. It should not have bubbles or any defects at all. High quality spas have UV resistance level. Some tubs also have equipment for testing the changes in temperature. This feature is good if you live in a place where there is extreme climate. Some tubs have the structures under them made from fiberglass or solid foam. This material helps to keep the water in the tub warm.
Another great feature of hot tubs is the cabinetry. This is mostly common to portable hot tubs. The cabinet is a place where you can keep your spa products. The cabinet also adds to the beauty of the hot tub. It is made of wood-like substance in appearance. A high quality hot tub cabinet should be easy to remove when you need to service it.
Hot tubs and spas have a heating system that keeps the water warm at a required temperature. Most high quality hot tubs have their heaters wrapped around the water pipes instead of allowing it to be exposed to water. If the heater works well, the water will take less time to get warm. This also implies that more energy will be used up in the process.
Filters and pumps are also part of hot tubs. Most hot tubs that uses filter are of the cartridge type. The filter needs to be cleaned out once every month. The location of the pump and the filter is very important. It should be located in an accessible place so that they can easily be checked out if they malfunction.
The insulation is also a feature of the hot tub. High quality hot tub has good insulation, either made of solid foam or a layered insulation. Water jets are also part of the hot tub. It helps to create a massaging effect on the body through hydrotherapy.
In addition, most modern spas have TV or DVD system, pillows, multi-coloured lights and waterfalls.

Advantages and Benefits of Hot Tubs and Spas

Hot tubs are popular for the hydrotherapy functions it provides. Hydrotherapy or warm water massage is a great way to make the body relax and release stress from the mind. When buoyancy, warm massage and heat are combined together in good proportion, the body enjoys a healthy, safe and relaxing feel.  When you undergo hydrotherapy on a regular basis, your body will be healthy for a long time.
Water has healing properties.  It can relieve muscle and joint pains through hydrotherapy. It can enable you to sleep peacefully without headaches generated by tension and stress. This is so because the warm water in the hot tub assists the blood vessels in the body to properly expand, dilate and permits blood to flow through thereby alleviating headaches. The same goes for muscle or joint pains as hydrotherapy assists blood circulation throughout the body thereby enabling the vessels to dilate.  As bloods flows through freely, the nutrients also flow easily thereby fixing any tissue that is damaged.
hot tubs relaxationWhen you relax in warm water before your bed time, it will make it easy for you to sleep very deeply. Hydrotherapy also relieves arthritic pain. This is the reason why most doctors advise people with arthritis to relax in hot tubs and spas. It is also been said that hydrotherapy assists in controlling diabetes. This was found in the study carried out in Colorado that there was a drop of 13% in the glucose level of diabetic patient who uses hot tubs and spas for 30 minutes in six days. This brought about the conclusion that relaxing in hot tub reduces the glucose level and blood pressure of the body.
Other benefits of hydrotherapy include relief from multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, depression and carpal tunnel syndrome. With all the benefit mentioned about hydrotherapy above, it is good to enjoy a relaxing moment in hot tubs and spas on a consistent basis.

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