Troubleshooting Hot Tub: To Repair Or Get A New Part?

Having a hot tub in your home is surely a good way to start relaxing. Soaking yourself in a hot tub is giving you a lot of health benefits. For example,  the removal of dirt and toxins. Peacefully, you think of life and its wonders, then suddenly, your hot tub stopped working. Lots of questions draw you back to reality, like can it be fixed? But before you get stressed because of your hot tub not functioning well, you should consider learning how to troubleshoot your hot tub. When the time comes that your hot tub is no longer working properly, troubleshooting hot tub becomes necessary.

Maybe you do not have what it takes to fix your hot tub. Perhaps calling a more experienced individual would help you. There are lots of professionals that you can get out there. You might want to start from the place where you bought your hot tub.

Contacting and eventually hiring a professional in troubleshooting our hot tub would surely cost you, But put in your mind that if you do the job of fixing your hot tub all by yourself, you could just make the problem bigger. Possibly until to the point where just buying a new hot tub solves the case. However, it doesn’t hurt learning how the process of troubleshooting works, so here’s a basic guide to it.

Troubleshooting your hot tub

Troubleshooting Hot TubIn troubleshooting electrical equipment, it is important to first check if electric current flows through it. The device is the multimeter. But it has other functions too, such as the measurement of electrical resistance. Other tools that you will need are pliers and screwdrivers, among others. However, these tools are just for preliminary tests for the trouble within the equipment. There are steps after which you would only know by then which part is problematic.  Remember that proper knowledge of the measuring tools is important.

Using The Multimeter When Troubleshooting Hot Tub

One of the most useful tools in electrical equipment, such as hot tub troubleshooting is the multimeter. Using this equipment lets you know if an electronic part of the whole hot tub is broken. Before using a multimeter though, the electrical equipment must be continuous. That means it has no broken or unconnected part inside because if it has, it is already the problem.

Troubleshooting Hot Tub ConnectionsThe multimeter has two most commonly tested parameters – the voltage and the resistance. Voltage is the potential difference between two points in the equipment, which are usually the two terminals (positive and negative). If you want to test the hot tub heater, you can do the isolation of the heater from the hot tub body first, then check for the two end terminals.

Professionals know that you must turn off the electric supply once this operation starts. It could bring harm or more damage to the equipment. By setting the multimeter on the voltage mode and by measuring the value between the terminals, the displayed value on the multimeter can be compared with the voltage that it should produce, usually indicated in the hot tub manual. If the displayed value is the same, then it can be partially said that the equipment is in good condition.

Equipment Usage

Another parameter that is measured using a multimeter is the resistance of the equipment. This is the opposition of electrical equipment to the flow of electricity, which is an important parameter in electronics. By knowing the resistance, the amount of electricity that can pass through it at a certain time interval is calculated. The resistance can also be found in the manual, so you can compare the two values to see if there is any discrepancy.

If the electrical equipment has no problem, check for other parts now. Try to look at the filter if it still works, maybe it is already ripped off that it already needs replacement. Experts should do hot tub troubleshooting because there are many areas where the hot tub might malfunction.

Having a hot tub has a lot of benefits, but proper care and maintenance of it count after all. To serve you longer, be sure that you are constantly checking for the parts of your hot tub. You must see if there are already problems, no matter how small. But small problems are hard to find sometimes, which makes most people wait for the bigger problems to come up. However, worry not because there are experts in the field of hot tub troubleshooting. They are there to help you regain the luxury that is your hot tub.