Helpful Hot Tub Chemicals

Are you getting the right hot tub chemicals intended for your hot tub? Well, the best selection of sanitizers exclusively for your hot tub is the best and significant verdicts. To have an effective maintenance for hot tub, the spa purifier is one of the perfect products for most users. For the safety of every individual who enjoys staying in a hot tub, everybody deserves to be in clean water. Since microorganisms cannot be seen through naked eye, there are helpful hot tub chemicals intended to kill these microorganisms. Microorganisms can be consisting of bacteria that can attack the hot tub. Added to this, the bacteria can destroy the skin.

Maintain the cleanliness of your hot tub with the helpful hot tub chemicals.

To battle the microorganisms consist of the bacteria, a user must be familiar on how to maintain the cleanliness of the hot tub. The cleanliness and safety of every user can be accomplished through the use of bromine that includes chlorine. These kinds of helpful hot tub chemicals are great examples. Bromine and chlorine are commonly used kind of sanitizers. In pools, bromine is commonly used.  To guarantee an assurance for right sanitation, it is very simple to evaluate bromine level. With regard to its cost, bromine is reasonably priced.   There is an advantage in using bromine. The bromine is a little greater than chlorine; it has the capacity to reactivate the effect unlike the chlorine without further sanitizing once attached to waste. On the contrary, the disadvantage of the bromine is its odor. If users are sensitive with the smell, it is not advisable to use. On the other hand, it has the tendency to dry skin in other users. Added to this, bromine lowers when exposed to sunlight. Moreover, direct attachment can result to staining of some jewelry. Therefore, when a user plans to use bromine, there must be regular adjustment and testing.

Hot tub chemicals are very helpful instrument in maintaining the long life span of a hot tub. The other helpful hot tub chemicals are mineral products that can kill algae and bacteria. This can be done with the use of copper ions in the water. The copper ions can mess up the construction of microorganisms. Definitely, it   removes in a very safe manner. It is very vital to be familiar with the kinds of helpful hot tub chemicals to be used. It is necessary to maintain the clean water as it affects the health.

There are helpful hot tub chemicals but make sure that it is not dangerous to health.

Before adding sanitizers or whatever helpful hot tub chemicals, it is very significant to maintain the pH and calcium level of the hot tub. With the use of test strip, it can eventually determine if the alkalinity is within the balanced level. Unluckily, the hot tub is being loved by the microorganisms that consist of bacteria, viruses and even algae. In this case, it is very important to add helpful chemicals onto it. It is needed to make and maintain the cleanliness of water to be away of harm.  A user must not ignore in providing the helpful hot tub chemicals. It is easy to maintain the cleanliness of the water in a hot tub. Once used for a big party, it is advisable to create shock treatment. This shock treatment breaks the residue provided by the sanitizers together with the other contaminants. Always bear in mind also that the purpose of the helpful hot tub chemicals is to battle the microorganisms. It is recommended to focus on the effect for the health and make it sure the hot tub chemicals will not poison every user. It is advisable to search for the helpful hot tub chemicals that are not dangerous to health.


Space-saver Corner Hot Tub

Are you planning where to place the dream hot tub? Well, everybody is aware that there are different styles, designs and sizes of hot tubs. If one is dreaming to own one, it is very important to plan where to place it.  When a wise user has small place, the stylish and space-saver corner hot tub is truly inspiring. The space-saver corner hot tub is pleasantly increasing its popularity because most users who have limited space prefer to own it. A user who loves to own the space-saver corner hot tub thinks about the limited space and the budget.

The space-saver corner hot tub keeps a lot of beneficial factors.

There are numerous numbers of wonderful features which are being offered by the space-saver corner hot tub that permits every user to showcase the beauty of the hot tub. This space-saver corner hot tub keeps a lot of beneficial factors. It provides every user to enjoy and relax even if the hot tub is not too big. The most important thing to bear in mind is the ability to be comforted and experience the amazing treatment of the space-saver corner hot tub. The benefits provided by the other hot tubs are similar to the space-saver corner hot tub. The only difference varies with the shape and the size. With regards to the size, typically the space-saver corner hot tub is smaller when compare to other hot tubs because it works well in a limited location.  In this case, it is usually used by individual or couple. It can greatly offer a warm and bosom atmosphere for two individuals. Two individuals can use at a given time but not with big groups.

The space-saver corner hot tub is affordable.                                               

Since the space-saver corner hot tub is not too big, it is definitely affordable when compare to other hot tubs. Likewise, it saves money because of the low-operating expenses. Added to this, it offers the level of familiarity since it is easy to access because of its size. Users who often select the space-saver corner hot tub enjoy its valuable cost. It is affordable because the cost is low.

The allotted space for a dream space-saver corner hot tub can be seen beautifully if it is properly placed.  The creativity of the user will showcase on the specific area. Normally, the space-saver hot tub is located popped in an angle of patio, deck underneath a gazebo, edge of the yard or in a secreted area in the garden. No matter where the location is, the best thing to bear in mind is the warm usefulness of the space-saver corner hot tub.

There are advantages and some disadvantages of the space-saver hot tub.

There are great advantages in using the space-saver hot tub. Since it is considered as spacer-saver, it is certainly and likely easy to install in small area. Moreover, a sensible user who has an inadequate pay with regards to the maintenance of gigantic hot tub can go and work well with the space-saver corner hot tub. On the other hand, the lesser amount will be charged to a user when desires to add more features. On the contrary, one of the disadvantages aspects of the space-saver corner hot tub is its size. When it compares to the other common hot tubs, it is smaller. On the other side, with regards to its capacity, it is not exclusive for group of friends. One thing more is the shape which is not really square; it is solely and specifically intended for corner areas.


Six Great Hot Tubs that Fit Up to Eight Persons

Upon purchasing a hot tub, people need to know first how large the tub has to be. The huge ones usually fit up to eight persons. This kind of hot tub is perfect for people who want to entertain friends and families during home parties and gatherings. Its advantage of having to accommodate many persons also comes with a few disadvantages. Unlike a 2 person hot tub or a 4 person hot tub, this kind of tub needs larger space for obvious reasons. An 8 person hot tub is perfect for decks, yards or any free outdoor space that is large enough to still allow people to have some space for moving around. It also needs more water and electricity energy. It also comes heavy which does not make it portable so it will help if people will have permanent space for it. Since it also comes big, it needs more energy to be cleaned well enough for the next use. This outdoor hot tub is definitely one of the best hot tubs but when buying one, the buyer needs to look at features that make up the best six picks for those who are looking for their perfect tubs.

First on the list is the MPS 52 spa that can be purchased from Spa Guy Spas. This hot tub can definitely accommodate 8 persons and is as wide as 82 x 82 x 35 inches. It also needs 425 gallons of water and the jets are 52 in number. It has a pump and LED lights. This type is also one of the most affordable spas for parties. It’s good for adults up to eight in number. Its seats also vary in heights. This cheaper but good 8 person hot tub also comes in LED lights. This kind is considered affordable amidst the many good features that it offers.

The second one that buyers can get is the Ponoma hot tub that is being offered by Arctic Spa. If you are looking for something that comes in affordable hot tub prices, it’s one of the best options out there. It also offers a cozy feel plus it needs less energy when compared with others that are out in the market. It also needs less water that is up to 500 gallons only. It has an electronic way of controlling the tub and it also comes in LED lights. It has a total of 75 jets and it even has a waterfall that can massage the body for more relaxation. It also uses high technology in hot tub filters that keep it clean all the time.

8 person hot tub
The third one is the one offered by Caldera Spa. It’s called Utopia Cantabria hot tub. It’s not the cheap type but it’s perfect for home parties. It even has one of the highest hot tubs prices because it’s known to be a luxury type which probably makes it the best hot tub when talking about 8 person hot tubs. It has a total of three pumps and three speed types. It also has six sequences for its 74 jets. Since it comes in eight seats, its size is actually 108 x 91 x 38 inches. Its LED lights that have multiple colours and one recliner surely make the difference.

The fourth one is known as the Diamond D970N hot tub that is available in Cal Spas. Unlike other types, it is rectangular in shape and its nine-foot side is the longest side. Its one great quality is the variation that its seating offers. It comes in bucket, reclining and bench seats. It is also empowered with jets that are 70 in total. Its amazing LED lights bring the party atmosphere to guests, families and friends. Like the luxury tubs, this kind is advanced when it comes to the technology that it uses. Aside from being low-maintenance type, it is also an energy-efficient hot tub for sale. It may not be one of the cheap hot tubs but this is because it has great features to offer.

The fifth one is the Bullfrog A8 hot tub. It definitely belongs to the most popular and known brands of the pool of 8 person hot tubs. This brand is known to manufactures big tubs that can accommodate adults from 4 to 6 but also has the one that fits up to 8 persons. This makes them the brand that is popular for spa parties and gatherings. Although the fact that they have no recliners for the 8-seater tubs, they have the 7-person tub that are made with seats that are deep enough for superior comfort and for people to have enough space from one another. Bullfrog tubs that can accommodate eight persons can have as much as 540 gallons of water, two pumps, six packs of jet and other luxury features that are optional.

8 person hot tubs

The last but definitely not the least on our list is the Jacuzzi hot tub. Specifically, it is the J-495 model that has a lot of features which make this brand a common household name. This brand comes in 3 pumps that a total of 62 jets. It also has the ability to divert functions of the massage feature.

These hot tubs can come as they are given their features but can definitely be even better with some accessories that help make their owners’ lives easier or more fun. Not only the 8 person hot tubs but any other kinds of tubs can be better with accessories. One of them is the tub cover that keeps the hot clean and away from dirt. This also helps in keeping the water’s temperature. Then we also have the steps for the hot tubs that are obviously used to get in and out of them comfortably. There are also stereo sets to make one enjoy music while relaxing. Then there are the caddies or the shelves that support items like drinks. Filters are also available to make sure the tubs are cleaned properly. However, one must always remember that any of these accessories need to be compatible with the model and brand of his or her hot tub. Although these hot tub reviews may be very helpful, make sure that a buyer studies well the features that will fit their needs and preferences.


Top 8 Person Hot tub models

Size is an important aspect of hot tub selection and it is easy to be mesmerized by a massive tub and enormous housing. However, the best hot tubs must not only have enough room to fit many people, but it must also be equipped with amenities that will contribute to a pleasurable experience each time. Small hot tubs are great but the big ones such as an 8 person hot tub can offer so much more. The cost to buy and maintain one may be high plus you may end up spending more on water and electricity bills. But it can also be a worthy investment with all the space and amazing features that it offers. Create new wonderful memories with loved ones. Or host the most exciting Sunday barbecues where you invite friends over to a weekend of leisure and relaxation in your spa.

Choosing the right spa can be tough. For an 8 person hot tub alone, you may get confused with all the brands that have come out and all the fancy names that companies use. This is why we came up with a shortlist of great options. To get more information, check out your local dealers, spa depots and even online sellers like Ebay.

Spa Guy Spas MPS-52

The perfect choice for those looking for cheap hot tubs that can comfortably seat eight adults.  With a width of seven feet, it is relatively small and a good option for those who have problems looking for an 8 person hot tub to fit their small backyard. It has one pump strong enough to power all 52 jets and lighting system. Go to Spa Guy Spas if you wish to learn more about this awesome unit.


Seats 8 people

82x82x35 inches

425 gallons

52 jets

1 pump

LED lighting system

Arctic Spas’ Ponoma Hot Tub

A great unit for those on a limited budget and those seeking low 8 person hot tub prices. It may be big but it costs relatively less to run because it uses minimal energy and less water. What is even great about the Ponoma model is that it is fitted with many water jets, a state of the art filtration system and electronic controls. To learn more, go to Arctic Spas today.


Seats 8

91x91x39.25 inches

500 gallons

75 jets

LED lighting system


Caldera Spa Utopia Cantabria

They do not call this one utopia for nothing. When you seek utter bliss and perfection, look for this  8 person hot tub by Caldera Spa. Its spacious layout comes with seven ergonomic seats and one recliner for those who to lie back. And because of its immense size, it is only proper that it is fitted with water jets as many as 74 which can be operated in six different jet sequences at three speed levels. A spa will not be complete without waterfalls, sound system and colorful LED lighting system for that soothing ambience.


Seats 8

108x91x38 inches

550 gallons

74 jets

6 jet sequences

3 speeds

3 pumps

Cal Spas Diamond D970N

Dimensions of 8 person hot tub configurations vary from one kind to another. If you want a rectangular outdoor hot tub as big as nine feet and powerful enough for parties, then you must check out Diamond D970N hot tub from Cal Spas. When you have got a spa this big and with 70 water jets, Cal Spas knows that it must only be built with multiple quality pumps, high grade hot tub filters and a strong motor. D970N also boasts of its air-injected and supercharged jets, waterfall and LED lighting system to complete the luxury spa experience.


Good for 7 to 8

93x130x39.5 inches

800 gallons

70 jets

3 pumps

Cascade waterfall

Bullfrog A8 Hot Tub

Another favorite in the long line of the best hot tub brands is Bullfrog which not only makes high quality 4 and 6 person hot tub designs, but is also popular for its A8 tub for eight people. Pamper yourself while siting on its seven comfortable bucket seats. What is great is it has one seat meant for cooling down or where kids can hang out. Its water jets are not like any other because of “jet packs” that can be customized to modify formation and jets that can be as many as 267. One can even upgrade by adding speakers and a silent circulation pump


Seats 8

94x94x38 inches

540 gallons

6 jet packs

2 pumps

Luxury options

Jacuzzi J-495 Hot Tub

Jacuzzi makes a lot of great spas that range from the portable 2 person hot tubs to the more fancy and top of the line 8 person hot tub like the J-495 model. This unit is fitted with three pumps that will let you enjoy 62 water jets which you can easily adjust and customize based on the kind of massage that you prefer at any given time. A special feature called diverter makes it all possible to have a unique massage experience for every seat.


Seat 7 to 9

90x110x41 inches

520 gallons

62 jets

3 pumps

UV-C water treatment system

Must-have hot tub parts and accessories

Although not usually included with new hot tub units, most hot tub accessories are very useful. Sure, you may end up spending more and they can increase hot tub prices. However, some accessories are necessary for maintenance and play an important role for overall safety while there are others that you spend on to make the soaking experience a lot more pleasurable. Let us have a look at some of the common accessories. 

Hot tub cover

You can still use your 8 person hot tub without the covers, but you risk exposing the spa to rain, UV rays and other environmental factors that can shorten its lifespan and negatively affect performance. Spa covers also boost insulation and reduce heat loss while it also keeps dirt away from tub.

Hot tub steps

Getting in and out of the tub can be difficult and sometimes even hazardous. Steps are made reduce that danger of slipping or falling. It provides ease in getting in and out of the tub. Should you decide to buy hot tub steps, make sure that they match. There are also steps that can be used as storage for other small accessories.

Hot tub stereo system

Music can work its magic on a boring day and a really hectic week. What is a spa party in your 8 person hot tub without a party music anyway?

Look for a waterproof stereo for your hot tub and make sure to get one that perfectly fits your unit. It is better if you also have a durable weatherproof speakers that can be placed outside.

Hot tub caddy and shelf

You need a tray or table to put your drinks and snack. There are various designs and colors to choose from so you do not worry about finding one that is aesthetically compatible with your portable hot tub. Some may even double as a towel holder.

Hot tub filter

Filters require regular rinsing and cleaning. In due time, they also need replacing to ensure that you are soaking in clean water. Visit hot tub reviews to learn about good filter cartridges and proper maintenance.