Leisure Bay Hot Tubs: Features

Leisure bay is widely known for manufacturing high standard Leisure bay spas at splendid and elegant designs. Researches and development has lead them to grow into a successful and prestigious company. The result of years of hard work and dedication in giving their customers the products and best hot tub, has lead the company to stay for over thirty years to satisfy each and every client they serve. Most home spa owner would prefer the use of a Leisure Bay hot tub because they know that their investment would be an assurance of worth.

Why choose tubs from Leisure Bay?

Leisure Bay Hot TubThe hot tubs manufactured by Leisure bay undergoes a certain quality control testing before being distributed in the market. The company makes sure that CE standards are followed for every built home spa system. Safety experts have proven that the company’s hot tubs have passed a certain standard of safety measures. Designs are being well planned in accordance with the user’s maximum satisfaction. Certainly, Leisure bay has proven itself that they can manufacture the best hot tubs in the world.

The company has provided clients with options to customize and improve their Leisure Bay Hot Tubs in accordance with their preferred features, which in turn provides customers with great home experience. Leisure bay hot tubs parts are readily available for easy customization and improvement of the tubs for maximum performance. One example would be the tub’s lighting system, in which the user can choose colors from a variety of options to get a perfect combination of lighting that would then make the perfect spa ambiance for his/her home spa. It can be combined with the tub’s waterfall effect which makes the hot tub more appealing to its users, especially when combined with the tub’s LED lights. Tubs are also friendly user in such a way that the user can easily control the home spa system through its touch control display. The owner can easily set any adjustments according to his preference at the tip of his hands. To add more, each category of this Leisure Bay Hot Tub is designed with a tri-matrix insulation that provide maximum durability and resistance to direct impact. This is the kind of tubs preferred by owners who love outdoor use of tubs.

The company has also designed the hot tub’s cabinet in such a way that it would be able to withstand elements. Every tub is durable enough to stand worst weather conditions. The tub’s filters are particularly made just for the brand itself. All tubs are built with a 24 hour circulation pump with an adjustable filter cycle. In a day, the pump would be able to make fifteen to twenty cycles. They are manufactured with a “Balboa Ozonator” that allows the pump to control water and air pressure, assist in water filtration, and regulate temperature to reduce energy consumption.

A wide option of Leisure Bay hot tub covers are also offered by the company. Available covers would include the following: redwood duralife grey, pearl white, midnight opal, redwood duralife brown, sahara, blue grass, oyster opal and carribean blue.

These high quality products would not only provide high quality assurance, but would also help users save cost from investing tooLeisure Bay Hot Tubs much on other products. Most owners would find Leisure bay’s hot tubs prices at a very reasonable cost even with all the excellent features that the tub offers. If you’re looking for an excellent tub at a very reasonable price, then Leisure bay would also be the right company to ask for assistance. Discount hot tubs with high standard quality are being offered by the company for those who wish to invest less for their tubs.

Leisure Bay Hot Tubs: Different Series

Over the years, Leisure Bay was able to create five different series or category of hot tubs. The following are categorized as the Easy Series, the Fourwinds Spa Series, the Polysteel Series, the Celebrity Series and the Elite Series. These Leisure bay hot tubs models are specialized with features that make each category unique and exceptional among the rest. The quality of each series are not sacrificed and each series have proven to carry the name of a leading and reputable brand in the field of manufacturing high quality hot tubs.

“The Easy Series” consists of two models which includes: Easy Spa and Galaxy. These Leisure Bay Hot Tubs carry the seal of CE and UL, which proves that they are completely safe to use. They are also equipped with an isolation cover and digital control which make this series very convenient to use. “The Four Winds Series” consists of six models, which includes: the Caribbean, Jamaica, Barbados, Maui, Utopia and Cabo. If you’re looking for a hot tub that operate quietly, then this seriesis the best one to choose. These tubs run quietly to avoid distraction by noise. You will be sure enough that a peaceful and serene session is achievable via these hot tubs. Also, these tubs do not have maintenance-free cabinets, but all models offer a full shoulder and neck therapy, aside from Utopia. Again, these Leisure Bay Hot Tubs are also equipped with an isolation cover and digital control. Another series is what they call “The Polysteel Series”. This series have a total of three models which includes: Gibraltar, Adirondack and Summit. These three models are designed with a polytuff cabinet and digital temperature control, complete with self-diagnostics. To add more, they feature an exchangeable colored lenses for the LED lights. “The Celebrity Series” consists of three models which includes the Santo, the Tonga and the Hilo. The three models have a feature that can set lights in accordance with the user’s preference. Last, but not the least, we have “The Elite Series”. This Leisure Bay Hot Tub series has an available of seven models. All seven models are designed with a “chemical free heater”, self-diagnostics, a backlit-Casede Waterfall, manifold planning, and a floor drain.

For over thirty years now, the company has continually guaranteed satisfaction to each and every customer they serve. Every Leisure Bay Hot Tub that the company distributes is backed up by excellent customer service. The company became a strong pillar which proved its fine reputation in the field of high quality product combined with high quality customer service. The company knows the needs of every customers and they’re ready and prepared enough to assist them in any concerns that they raise. You can check hot tub reviews to know more about the company’s success over the years. Their expertise is definitely what you are looking for in this industry.

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