Hot Tubs and Spas: Is it a Good Investment?

Hot tubs spas are known for improving the overall lifestyle of its users. They promote health and well-being, provide therapeutic effect by taking care of the day to day stresses of life, and provide a way for the whole family or friends to make good memories together. A lot of people know that investing on a private tub is worth the risk. The advantages and benefits provided by hot tubs greatly outweigh its expense. Most owners have definitely satisfied themselves when they bought one. For some, owning a tub is a start of their dreams coming true.

Hot Tub Spas: Special Features

If you’re looking for the best hot tubs, you might want to check the features of each and every tubs you think would suit your preference. The tub’s features greatly contribute to the overall look of the spa and how well it runs during the operation. Before buying a hot tub spa, make sure to thoroughly check the whole structure of the tub first, from its inner parts to its outer covering. The parts should be complete and in good condition.

hot tubs spasIt is also advisable to double check the tub’s overall condition. It shouldn’t have any leaks and cracks on the entire surface of the tub. In addition, bubbles should not be observed. This is a way to avoid future problems in operating the hot tub.

Good hot tub spas have a high resistance to UV level. Some are even equipped with a t esting system to closely monitor the tub’s temperature fluctuations. It would surely be a gre at help for those living on areas with extreme climates. Some hot tubs & spas are even designed with understructure manufactured from fiberglass or solid foam. This would be very helpful in providing good insulation, and in turn, provides less energy consumption.

Hot tubs and spas which are not “in ground” are usually designed with an excellent cabinetry. This is another feature that tubs can boast about. Cabinets are very helpful when the tub is used by a number of people. Of course, your whole family or your set of friends would need to use a cabinet to store important belongings, especially when it is used as an outdoor hot tub. Not only that, it also improves the tub’s general appearance. Usually, cabinets are made up of wood or wood-like material, like synthetic wood. It can be easily removed for a hassle free storage.

hot tub spaEvery hot tub spa has a built in heater. This part is responsible in warming the water and achieving a desired level of temperature. A good spa has heaters wrapped around the tub’s water pipes. It should have heaters powerful enough to warm the water at a short period of time. However, if you prefer those heaters which are powerful, you need to watch out for spikes on your monthly electric bill. A powerful heater consumes more energy compared to those tubs with less powerful heaters.

Buyers should also consider the location of both the pump and the filter of the spa. These hot tub parts should be easily accessed at any time, when these parts need to be checked or repaired. Owners should remember that it’s necessary to thoroughly clean the filter, especially for those cartridge-type filters. This is to avoid blockage that may cause damage to the other vital parts of the tub.

Insulation should also be checked. The tub’s insulation would greatly affect how fast the water warms and how fast the water loses heat. Even though a hot tub cover is used, a good hot tub spa should have a very good insulation to avoid high energy consumption.

Next feature would be the “Hydrojets”, also commonly known as, “Jets”. This part of the tub is responsible for the tub’s massaging effect, in which Hydrotherapy comes in. A jet is a specialized feature that targets muscle parts of the human body to release muscle tension and relieves stress. Some hot tubs and spas have additional which makes relaxation more effective. Some of these parts include a TV or DVD system, pillows, multi-colored lights and waterfalls.

Hot Tubs and Spas: Pros and Cons

hot tub spasHydrotherapy is the most significant benefit that owners can get from their private hot tub and spa. It’s an excellent treatment that uses warm water to create a massaging effect on tense muscles. It’s an effective way to promote relaxation and comfort. With regular use, one can fully improve his health condition and promote well-being.

Hydrotherapy has proven to cure muscle and joint pains, despite being simple and pure. Most people with sleep disorders would prefer to undergo this kind of treatment. Aside from being simple and non-invasive, it’s an assurance that it would treat their disorder. Usually, sleep disorders are caused by tension and a lot of stress. The warm water helps dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow to the human body. Oxygen and important nutrients will then be easily carried throughout the body to repair damaged tissues and nourish vital organs of the human body. This will then help the person relieve muscles soreness and headaches, allowing him to relax, and finally have a good deep sleep.

In addition, hydrotherapy alleviates arthritic pains and control diabetes. Improving blood circulation helps the patient ease up pain. This is why most doctors would recommend the use of spas and hot tubs for patients suffering from arthritis. Moreover, hot tubs spas can also lower down glucose level and blood pressure which causes diabetes. A study was made in Colorado and it showed that those diabetic people who subject themselves to hydrotherapy have a drop of 13% on their glucose level. They usually dip in hot tubs or spas, six times a week and 30 minutes per session.

In addition to Diabetes and Arthritic pain, hydrotherapy can also relieve Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and depression. A lot of study was conducted and they show that having your body immersed in hot water provides a lot of therapeutic effect on your mind and body. It has been highly rehot tubs and spascommended to use hot tubs and spas regularly to improve your overall health and well-being.

The disadvantage of using a tub is its high expense. Owners would need to prepare monthly bills for energy consumption and the like. Also, you need to check the part regularly because one worn out part can cause several problems to the overall performance of the tub. It can even damage other parts of the tub which means additional expense to buy new parts.

Maintaining your private hot tub spa is not as easy as it seems. But, when you get used to the routine in taking care of it, knowing what to do when problems arises during operation and maintenance, then it would surely be an assurance of lifetime benefits for you and your family. For some people, it’s a big risk that they need to carefully think about before buying one. Tubs are no doubt a leisure item, but definitely is a good investment.  It weighs more advantages and benefits compared to its disadvantages. So what are you waiting for? Start making your dreams come true.

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