Features Of Leisure Bay Hot Tubs

Leisure Bay hot tubs are very popular worldwide because of its exotic designs and high quality spas. This is why most spa owners purchase hot tubs with the Leisure Bay name inscribed on it, because they know that they will have value for their money. The high quality of these hot tubs has given Leisure bay spas an edge over all other companies in the same business. Leisure Bay spa has been climbing the ladder of success in this business for over thirty years.

The reasons why people love buying Leisure Bay Hot Tub

Leisure bay branded hot tubs has undergone serious quality control testing before taking them to the market for sale. The hot tubs are built in compliance with CE standards. It has also received the approval of safety officers which indicates that it is very safe for use.
Leisure Bay hot tubs are produced with customer’s comfort and relaxation in mind. It provides users with excellent features that enable them to change the characteristics of the hot tubs in the way they like, so that they can enjoy the comfort and refreshing that comes with having a home spa.
A good example of a feature that can be changed in order of user’s preference is the lighting system of the hot tub. Users can choose any color preferred for a relaxing spa environment.
Features Of Leisure Bay Hot TubsAll Leisure Bay hot tub are designed with a waterfall effect. It is very captivating when added to the tub’s LED lights. All hot tubs produced by this company have a common feature, which is the touch control display. This feature allows users to control the home spa system any how they want.
Leisure Bay hot tubs also have tri-matrix insulation. The surface is produced from a layer of acrylic. The hot tubs cannot be affected by any impact.
The hot tub’s spa cabinet is fashioned in such a way that no form of weather condition can affect it, no matter how strong. The filters are of excellent quality and are made specially for Leisure Bay Spa. All brands of this company are installed with a 24-hour circulation pump, with a filter cycle that can be adjusted. The pumps distribute the water for 15 to 20 minutes on daily basis.
Leisure Bay hot tubs come with a Balboa Ozonator. This is a device that customizes water and air pressure and help in filtering water. It is installed inside the hot tub system. It helps the water quality to be at the most favourable quality. This reduces the use of chemicals to large extent. The device also regulates the temperature of the hot tub so that the energy requirement is reduced.
Leisure Bay hot tubs also have different covers. You can select your spa covers from the options enumerated below:

midnight opal
pearl white
carribean blue
redwood duralife brown
oyster opal
blue grass
redwood duralife grey.
These features have made Leisure Bay hot tubs a popular product in every home. You will be surprised that the features did not increase its cost in any way. It is affordably priced, therefore, if you need a hot tub, you can simply look out for a leisure bay hot tub in order to get good value for your money.

Various Series of Leisure Bay Hot Tubs

Leisure Bay manufactured five different types of hot tubs. The names of each of these hot tubs are Easy series, Four winds spa series, Polysteel series, Celebrity series and the Elite series. Each of these series has unique features that are different from one another.
The Easy series is in two models i.e. the Easy Spa and the Galaxy. The two models are listed on UL and CE, which is the proof of safety of these products. The two series have isolation cover and digital control.
The four wind series have six models i.e. the Utopia, Caribbean, Maui, Jamaica, Cabo and the Barbados.  These six leisure bay hot tubs have no maintenance free cabinets except for Utopia. However, all of them have a complete shoulder and neck therapy. All the model do not make noise while working. This attribute prevents the user from getting distracted by the noise.  They also have a Balboa ozonator with digital control.
The Polysteel have three different models, which are Adirondack, Gibraltar and the Summit. These models have colored senses that can be exchanged for the LED lights. They have a polytuff cabinet and digital temperature control with self-diagnostics.
The celebrity series has three models i.e. Hilo, Tonga and Santo. All of these models can be programmed as the user prefers.
The Elite series is in seven different models. All the models are equipped with a chemical free heater, a backlit-casede waterfall, manifold planning, a floor drain and self-diagnostics.
All the leisure Bay hot tubs have great customer service attached to its purchase. Leisure bay spa’s products are of high quality with excellent and supportive customer service.  These two qualities made Leisure bay spa to continue in this business for the past thirty years. Customers can also obtain any help they need when they lay out their complaints. Apart from the hot tubs, Leisure bay also produces all kinds of spa accessories for their customers to have a total home spa relaxation.

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