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After a long week of stress and agony in work, wouldn’t it be nice to pamper yourself into a hot relaxing spa? Yes, there is really nothing more rejuvenating than your freedom from everything in your most favorite spa in town. And if it is the satisfaction and fulfillment that you want guaranteed for you and your customers, then do not hesitate to visit the one and only “Leisure Bay Spas”, a leading manufacturer of high quality hot tubs and spa opulence worldwide.

How Leisure Bay Spas came to be

leisure bay spaThe company started in 1974 with only a few staff member selling pools above-ground pools. With hard work and dedication to what they’ve started, these five staff member grew into a company with a total of 33 factory outlets all over southeastern US. The company has now the capacity to produce and distribute a total of 30,000 high quality products every year. They stand as one of the trusted leading suppliers of dream maker spas for retailers and dealers all over the country and even around the world.

Leisure Bay Spas Modernized Technology

The company pays meticulous attention to every planning and decisions they make. A lot of time is driven to approve every outstanding expenditure for its own success. Most investment goes to product researches and development to provide the company with the latest manufacturing technology. They also invest on exceptional designers to provide customers with a variety of spa designs to choose from.

It has been 50 decades since the company started. Within this span of time, the company was able to perfect its image in the industry of manufacturing top quality and affordable leisure bay spas. They utilize the new poly-steel technology, which is known to be a high quality material use in the field of producing the best hot tubs in the world.

The company also boasts several trademark technology. This would include the latest “Tornado Tube Filtration” which is a unique and modern technology that allows spas to filter uncontaminated water to a standard level that is more than what is required by USA water standard regulations.

In addition, Leisure bay spas has been popular and in demand for their stress free maintenance technology. The company knows well that spas should make one feel great and not leave you with a burden of cleaning it. Because of this, the company has designed their spas with a remarkable feature that easily and effectively drain water from under it. Users can now say their good byes to a tough and stressful task of manually draining used water out of their swim spa. These are some of the features that are truly amazing and brilliant in which the company should be so proud about.

Advantages of using Leisure Bay Spas

1.) The company has been in the field of manufacturing top quality leisure bay hot tub for a long period of time. For 50 decades, they now stand as a pillar that is strengthened by time and polished by countless success. Their vast experience in the production of any leisure bay spa is a proof of their commitment to give out the best quality products for their customers’ needs. You will be assured of a great and worthy experience in using the company’s products.

2.)  They became a producer of top quality hot tubs and spa all over the world. In addition to that, accessories and all other variety of leisure bay spa products such as patio furniture, gas grills etc., has also proven to be exceptional for all their clients.

3.) As mentioned above, this prestigious company has fully invested in advance technology and researches. They built a hassle free feature that allows users to easily drain contaminated water out of the swim spa rather than manually doing it. A lot of time and effort is actually saved through this feature.

4.) Leisure bay spas has also generated a solution to meet their customers’ special needs for therapy and relaxation. Every hot tub is installed with cross fire jets positioned in different areas which create a soothing therapeutic massage when it targets different muscle group of the human body. This feature allows the customers to relax and revitalize in different therapeutic ways.

5.) Each and every product is assured to be under a top notch quality. Other than that, what you really need to know is that the company offers hot tubs prices at a very affordable rate for their customers’ convenience. Discount hot tubs are readily available for those customers under tight budget.

Leisure bay spas would be glad to help you out with your swim spa needs, whether it would be for leisure or therapeutic needs. The company will surely make your dreams come true. Feel free to visit their company website for more information and products review.

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