Baja Spas – simple troubleshooting for users

Baja Spas is known for making the best hot tubs in the market today. The company applies fine craftsmanship in every unit producing highly durable hot tub varieties. Warranty information for any model can be accessed by users. They also stand by their products through warranty policies that guarantee parts and labor for a limited time.

Being covered by manufacturers’ warranty is good but understanding how the machine works and learning what error messages mean can benefit users in so many ways. Below are simple and quick troubleshooting tips that anyone can do. Before you do any repairs, make sure that you have read the warranty information and that you know when to call a licensed repair guy authorized by Baja Spas. With so many great hot tub deals available, garden spas are becoming one of the most popular items to own.

  1. Error codes are displayed on your outdoor hot tub’s control panel to warn users of possible problems. Common parts that are affected are pressure switches, temperature controls and heating system. Refer to the instruction manual to know what each error code means. When unsure, you may call the company service line or a professional repairman for proper diagnosis.
  1. What to do when your two person hot tub suddenly stops working or heating? Before panic strikes you, check if the unit is getting power to it. Unplug and/or turn off the breaker’s power switch, then wait for a few minutes before turning it back on. This simple step will reset the spa and hopefully fix it. Try plugging in a different appliance on the same outlet where your portable hot tub is hooked up. If you have identified a problem on the breaker or power source, call your electrician immediately.baja spas
  1. Proper way of filling up a portable spa with water? Read the instruction manual to know the ideal water level, but the usual recommended level is at least halfway through the spa skimmer. To ensure optimum performance, make it a habit to rinse the skimmer and its filter with clean water to remove debris.
  1. Make sure that all water passages of your Baja Spa are free from obstruction. Regularly check for blockage and clear out dirt in water intakes, especially for outdoor hot tubs. Check if the ‘Ozonator’ is functioning properly.
  1. Conduct regular and proper testing on your Baja Spas heating element. Through the control panel, set heating mode to ‘normal’ then observe if water reaches desired temperature reading. This test can also be done on used hot tubs to ensure that its heating mechanisms are not yet shot.
  1. Water not coming through the pump and heater? Ensure that all water valves are fully open and check for possible blockages. Observe the water jets on your 3 person hot tub and watch out jets that are not working. Play around with the control panel, run cycles and try out every water jet configuration to see if unit is operating properly.
  1. Hot tub manufacturers supply instruction manuals for users to read them. When in doubt, call Baja Spas service number to inquire and to ask for assistance. Major issues that involve leaks, heating and pumps must be reported immediately. It is best to contact professional hot tub repair services when replacing or repairing parts.

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