Apollo Spas Hot Tub Covers – not just any spa cover

Apollo Spas is one of the most trusted names when it comes to building and designing quality pools and spas. They have been around for decades manufacturing and selling hot tubs to people in the US and around the world. Topping the industry for decades, they understand the business, know what good spas are made of and they work towards meeting what users really need. No one else knows proper spa maintenance and what it takes to maximize soaking experience. Apollo hot tubs continues to expand and has been competing as one of the top spa manufacturers. They are master spa builders that continuously grow and our now selling a fine line of accessories such as their hot tub covers that are becoming the number one choice for spa lids.

Apollo Spas carries various covers for a range of spa sizes. Whether you own a small unit as a 2 person spa or something as huge as a swim spa, you need a sturdy and matching hot tub cover that that will do the important job caring not only for your machine but also for your family.

Preserve your tub

Apollo Spas Hot Tub CoversHot tub covers are one of the most important accessories that you can get for your outdoor spa. They are more than just lids that prevent dirt from getting into the delicate parts of the tub. Apollo Spas covers are especially designed not to break or crack easily from prolonged exposure to UV rays, heat, water and subzero temperatures. High grade materials that have undergone testing and were proven to be  least susceptible to fractures were used. Each cover is precisely measured for that snug fit. It also does not absorb water that can add more weight and moisture that can damage components.

Protect your loved ones

Your kids and pets must love to run and goof around the house. Their safety is your top priority so you try to keep a watchful eye as much as you can. But when you lose sight even just for a second they find their way up on a tree, trip while running or get bruises from swimming. When you have a pool and spa, as good parents it is your responsibility to put in devices and mechanisms to ensure your child’s safety. An empty outdoor hot tub is as dangerous for kids as a tub half filled with water, and a spa lid is vital. Apollo Spas makes hot tub covers with high grade locks so you have control of who can get access. Its locking system will also hold up against strong winds that can ruin and blow the top away.

Reduce energy costs

Do not be surprised when your electric bills go up when you run your portable spa for many hours. The machine requires energy to generate heat to warm up many gallons of water. Imagine the heat that is lost and money wasted on a cold day with heaters working double time. Apollo Spas designs strong hot tub covers dense enough to seal the heat in and minimize heat loss. Because they do not take in moisture from water that has evaporate, the covers will not rot out and will last for many years. This means longer hours in the hot tub with noticeable savings when you’ve got a spa cover this great.

Visit Apollo outlets to witness these amazing hot tub covers in action and get one at the best spa prices. Drive to its different branches like Apollo Spas Tacoma and Apollo Spas Tukwila to check out a wide range of configurations and find one that matches your spa.

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