A Review of the 3 Person Hot Tub with 31 Jets by Home and Garden Spas

For people who are wanting to own one of the best hot tubs but have limited space outdoors, having 3 person hot tubs is an ideal option. Aside from its space-saving factor, it’s also the best time to share intimate moments with loved ones since 3 persons can be accommodated and it can also be comfortable as a 2 person hot tub.

This kind of garden spa has small hot tubs that are user-friendly and are designed to be easily maintained while still providing therapeutic and relaxing effects. The Home and Garden Spas is known to have a good reputation when it comes to manufacturing high-quality products such as outdoor hot tubs that are created using energy-efficient methodologies.

The features of the three person hot tub by the Home and Garden Spas include the following:

  1. capacity for 3 persons and inclusion of a lounger
  2. 31 jets that are interchangeable
  3. topside controls that are user friendly
  4. 2-stage pump at 6 horse power
  5. LED lighting in 9 colours
  1. Capacity for 3 Persons and a Lounger

This kind is specifically designed to accommodate 3 persons and perfect for a small family that is into 3 person hot tubs. It’s 80″ W x 60″ L. It becomes a space saver because of its size that is also economical since it requires less water, too.

  1. 31 Jets That are Interchangeable

This kind of spa provides a therapeutic experience that helps the body relax through its 31 stainless and interchangeable jets. These jets are powered by a 6 horse power pump that makes the jets not only powerful but also effective.

3 Person Hot TubIt also has three different types of jets that are used to direct water to various areas of the body.

First is the Whirlpool Jet that provides high amount of water pressure that can be focused on a small area to give a massage type sensation to the body. This sensation produces the hydrotherapy feeling.

Second is the Pressure Point Jet that focuses on pressure points in necks, calves, feet and shoulders. This feature helps increase circulation and relieve muscle tension.

Third and last is the Therapy Jet. This feature creates a swirling motion that can definitely relieve tension and strain in the neck area.

  1. LED Lighting in 9 Colours

This feature is an interesting and nice inclusion since it enhances the feel and atmosphere when using this 3 person hot tub. This also adds safety and lets you choose lighting scheme that matches your specific mood for the day.

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