4 Person Hot Tub and four common types

So you have been contemplating on buying 4 person hot tub and have spent hours everyday sorting through pages of brands and models but you seem to be having a hard time deciding which type to get? You have looked all around and there are just too much information that it becomes all too confusing. Hot tub reviews is always a good place to start your inquiry. To help narrow down and speed up your search, we have come up with the list below which we hope will give you ideas on 4 person hot tub prices and share general insights into what works best for you. When it comes sizing, such unit can still be considered as compact but 4 person hot tub dimensions still vary as its shape and layout differ.

Acrylic Above-Ground

4 person hot tubMany of the popular hot tubs and spas have shells made out of acrylic. It has been used for years because of its lightweight, malleable and affordable  properties. Fiberglass and foam are usually used  with acrylic to reinforce its casing and toughen its structure. Cracks and chipping are common problems but good thing is that DIY repair kits and instructions to fix are easily available. 4 person hot tub prices range between $3000 to $10,000 which is a reasonable price to pay for very durable and well-insulated designs. Because they are above-ground, they can are somewhat portable depending on how small or big the unit is. They are immediately noticeable so choosing a design that goes well with your house’s décor is a must.

Portable 4 person Hot tub

They are considered to be portable because they are made from lightweight components which also make them an inexpensive choice relative to other layouts. A small Inflatable hot tub that can go as low as a few hundred dollars fall under this category. Move them around from one spot to another or take them with you as you travel. A 4 person hot tub also come in variation even with the bigger 6 person hot tub layouts. Like any other spas, it has its limitations so it is advisable to read more on its characteristics before purchasing. 

In-Ground Hot tubs

4 person hot tubsCustom-built in-ground spas make for beautiful pieces as an indoor tub or an outdoor hot tub. They can transform an ordinary garden into that cozy and homey place for family and friends.

As they are sunk into the ground, putting in a 4 person hot tub would entail additional costs to install and maintain. That also would mean paying a spa tech and contractors to set up, renovate and repair. You probably want to make this your last bet if you are looking for cheap hot tubs.

Wooden 4 Person Hot Tub

Wooden hot tubs built out of planks of real wood like cedar, redwood, oak or teak offer that rustic and vintage feel so you can enjoy the countryside while soaking anywhere around the city. 4 person hot tubs of this kind will cost thousands and may cost more depending on the type of wood used. What also sets it apart is that gas or wood fire are used to heat up water. Similar to other layouts, a 4 person hot tub come with water jets but may lack the molded seats and lounger that we are so fond of.

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