Build Your Own Hot Tub Easily

Are you dreaming to build your own hot tub easily? Well, to have an amusing experience in doing it is an exciting challenge. Always bear in mind that to build your own hot tub is not just a wink of an eye. It needs patience, hard work and dedication to have a good output. In addition, if one desires to have a good and beautiful output, a user must remember and follow certain steps. It would be risky if a user will not able to follow certain steps. For that reason, a user should be engaged well in knowing the step by step procedure.  Added to this, a user must be dedicated in building the hot tub.

Prior to the actual building up of hot tub, it is necessary to create a very vivid plan and sketch on what kind of desirable hot tub. As an over-all instruction, it is very significant to measure accurately without any assumptions. A Build Your Own Hot Tub user should follow carefully the needed steps on how to build the hot tub. The first point of view to be considered is to get the prescribed or needed size of steps. When a user makes use of the steps, the measurement of step may offer significantly which has great impact towards the safety of every user. The measurement is very significant for cutting on what is appropriate size. After measuring the appropriate size for the steps, it is very dynamic to bring together the set of steps.  Gathering the set of steps in accordance with the specified measurement is very important. After setting up the set of steps, then it is time to provide assurance with regards to the safety that must be implemented. The set of steps must provide safety in all aspects. It is advisable to put bracket on every side of the bottom and the top of steps.

Build your own hot tub easily by measuring the boards accurately

Building Your Own Hot TubWhen dealing with the designs, the measurement should not be left behind. The design of every hot tub can justly meek by means of redwood if user wanted to make use of it. Because of the compression preserved by redwood, the strength appears to be upright. Board that comes in four must cut properly depending on its length before gathering together. The circular saw can be recommended in cutting the boards. A user must be familiar to cut the height with similar measurement for every set. Always remember that the height is optional depending on the preference of the one who is building the hot tub.  A circular saw has a great impact towards the top portion of board.  It is very significant to make spot to the side of board so that it will not be visible. In this case, the board under the bottom part is usually not visible. The side part of the board going down must cut appropriately too.

Build your own hot tub with proper gear

To build your own hot tub, it is advisable to use the proper gear. It is necessary to be careful all the way in cutting the boards including the risers. After cutting all the needed boards for steps and for the risers, then it is a perfect time to assemble the risers and the boards connecting with the steps. Setting up the risers and the boards for steps must be affix with right deck fixes. After which, applying with varnish is the next step to be considered. Build your own hot tub easily by simply providing the water source, big hot tub, heating and fuel system.


Cal Spas for First-Class Backyard Entertainment

Cals Spa knows that there is so much that can be done to achieve the ultimate spa experience. Cal Spa hot tubs are already equipped with many great features meant for extraordinary time in the tub but the fun does not have to start and end there.

Together with Cal Flame, they have created a masterpiece to add to their amazing line of hot tubs and spas. It is like mixing up all the finest ingredients to produce the most delightful dish and everyone wants a piece of it. Through R-Elements, Cal Spas ingeniously brought together various elements of relaxation to come up with one fantastic backyard entertainment package for your dream spa sanctuary.

As Casey Lyod, President of Cal Flame puts it, “We believe that the idea of combining all the elements of backyard entertaining in one product is the future of the hearth and patio industry.”

cal spa parts

People cannot stop raving about Cal Spa R-Elements. Everybody is talking about its stunning amenities and those who have tried it out are giving positive feedback on Cal spa reviews.

At the heart of the package is a Cal spa hot tub fitted with its trademark Pure Cure water sanitizing agent – an ultraviolet lighting system that effectively kills germs, bacteria and prevents algae build up. A 5.5KW WhisperHot Cal Spa heater supplies warm water so quiet one could not even tell whether the unit is running.

LED-ready cal spa jets referred to as Candy Cane Jets are installed around the tub to provide massage and lighting. Its LED lights that were so cleverly forged into the jets can be adjusted so you can play with different hues. Another one of those original Cal spa parts that should not be missed.

cal spa

Surrounding the hot tub is a four piece galvanized fire-pit with triple 30,000 BTU burners and glass chips for that warm and cozy atmosphere. An outdoor fireplace right next to Cal Spas unit is just the perfect companion whether your are going solo on a cold night or hosting a party with a few friends.

And why must you be soaking alone when you have an elegant modular bar with matching stools. A mini-bar is not your usual hot tub parts but backyard party is not complete without it. A built-in iPod dock and speakers are also within arms reach if you and your friends feel like chilling to some music.

Visit any Cal Spa dealers today to know more about R-Elements. Contact or go to your favorite spa depot to know how you bring home one.


Live Healthy, Buy Hot Tub Today

There are probably ten reasons that you could come up with so you do not buy a hot tub, but it is more likely that you would be able to present twice as many reasons for getting one.

Spas are considered by many to be luxury items that can cost a lot to set up and maintain. There are cheaper options like an inflatable hot tub but these types can also set you back a few hundred bucks and most people just do not have the extra time and money for it. Environmental advocates are not the biggest fans either and for them, it is just another machine for wasting precious water and energy. There are others who do not have enough space and those who just see it as a pretty thing but do not see it yet for its real value.

At the other end of the spectrum are consumers who educate themselves of all the downside to buying a hot a hot tub yet they still have one put in. These are the people who see how regular soaking in hot water can be beneficial to the body in so many ways and how these benefits tend to outweigh its few disadvantages.

To buy hot tub and to use it properly can already do so much to improve one’s health. When combined with proper diet, healthy lifestyle as well as regular exercise, hot tubs and spas can be a very effective tool for boosting one’s health.

Buy Hot TubWhat are these known health benefits? We list down below some of the wonderful things that happen to our bodies whenever we take that long warm dip and surrender to water shooting out of amazing things called jets. And you do not need to buy hot tub from the most expensive line. Even  cheap hot tubs can provide quality service and utmost comfort similar to what deluxe models can offer. 

Relax and de-stress. People have different ways of dealing with varying levels of fatigue and stress. Some who take their jobs lightly can easily manage to feel better after several hours of sleep. But there are others who suffer a great deal that they even fail at getting a good sleep. During these tough times, binge eating and watching TV alone will not help. Oftentimes, a combination of different approaches are far more effective than a single activity or remedy.

Studies reveal that a few minutes in a portable hot tub can loosen up tensed muscles and slow down heart rate resulting in better blood circulation leaving you feeling more relaxed afterwards. It helps soothe tired bodies so you feel refreshed and ready to take on demanding tasks such as a new project your boss might surprisingly throw your way. Being well-rested also lets you think clearly, be alert and remain calm when faced with difficult life problems.

Hot tub parts called water jets found in spas also play an important role in helping one de-stress while in the tub. These hydrojets are placed in certain parts around the tub to target muscles and body parts that are prone to soreness and aches. At this stage, hormones called “endorphins” that serve as the body’s natural painkillers are released to combat pain and reduce fatigue. The calming effect of warm water and the massage brought on by the jets make spas a powerhouse for rejuvenation. If you do not feel like using jets and want to be rid of the sound of the motor pumping water through holes, shut off jets through control panels so you can just enjoy a nice quiet time.

Buy SpaThere are other ways to enjoy spa time and still be relaxed after. To compliment your spa time and to get better results, drink your favorite beer or have a glass of fine wine. Make sure to wear comfortable and appropriate swimming attire. Seat in your 2 person hot tub next to your lovely partner or have a good laugh with some of your closest friends. Stargazing outdoors as you lie and float around is another way to amuse yourself. But after a really busy work week, you might prefer to be alone for that much deserved quiet time and meditation.

Buy hot tub for a goodnight’s sleep. Insomnia and lack of sleep can be attributed to high stress levels. And chronic sleeplessness should be taken seriously as it could lead to many health problems. Instead of immediately resorting to sleeping pills which can be addictive and eventually do more harm, it is best to try out altering your lifestyle and daily routine. To tackle poor sleeping patterns, you could try  making your bedroom more conducive for resting by changing to fresh sheets or replacing your mattress lying on it already hurts your back. Stay away from caffeine-rich beverages especially when the condition is becoming worse. Try using your 4 person hot tub to take a dip for a few minutes before going to bed will also help induce quality sleep.

Boosts weight loss. Weight loss and keeping fit can also be associated with hot tubs. Scientific research has shown that making it a habit to immerse oneself in warm water enhances sleep quality and as a result, people have more energy to exercise and move around. Getting sufficient and quality sleep is also a recipe for a positive attitude and feeling good about oneself which may encourage people to go outside or do chores in the house instead of moping around and lying on the couch.

Relieves back pain. Back pains are very common for people working double shifts and those seating in front of their laptops for many hours a day. Bad posture and fatigue can cause recurring back aches and chewing on painkillers is the worst thing anyone could do. This is another good reason for workaholics to buy hot tub. Choosing the best spa and installing one  may take a while to accomplish but maintenance and operation requires simple and quick steps. Even the busiest man juggling several jobs who may also be studying will have the time to prepare a warm bath because spas are typically designed to be easy to use. 

Hot Tubs for SaleAside from seeking medical help for serious back problems, experts also recommend proper exercise, avoiding sitting or standing lazily and a regular dose of soaking in your two person hot tub to promote relaxation and ease the pain. 

The Japanese, Russians and ancient Greeks were the first to adapt this practice and embrace it as a part of everyday life. Centuries have passed and yet it is still inherent in their cultures. Many people from Japan still rely on it to unwind, socialize and remedy body pain.

Helps treat other serious illness. Doctors and medical practitioners probably do not include “buy hot tubs” in their prescription notes, but many of them can attest to the therapeutic and soothing effects of immersing ones body in hot water. People suffering from depression can benefit from this simple yet effective form of therapy. It can also help with the treatment of certain medical problems related to muscles, bones and joints such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tendonitis and Scoliosis. While it may not provide direct and abrupt cure for more serious conditions, patients affected by Multiple Sclerosis and Cerebral Palsy reported positive changes after regular dips in the tub filled with hot water.

Frequent hot tub soaking have been proven to do great wonders for the body and mind, and it goes beyond the health benefits mentioned above. Skeptics might still have questions regarding studies which claim that warm baths have helped many patients with some of the most debilitating illnesses. But many people around the world who regular lie in their tubs can testify to how good they feel each time. They might not be able to explain exactly how hot water works its magic, but they can definitely hold their spas responsible for the positive changes in their health.

So, buy hot tub now and you will not be disappointed. But just do not purchase one, it is best to read on hot tubs reviews and trusted sources for information on its proper usage and care. Experience it first hand – great massage through hydrojets and let the hot water melt your stresses away. By investing on a well-crafted spa, you invest on health and a bright future.


Bullfrog Spas- Expanding Spa Horizons

The beautiful state of Utah, the home to Bullfrog International and also rated as one of the best places to live in, is in love with their hot tubs. The company recently opened another one of its amazing stores in Logan and Utahns could not hold their excitement. Bullfrog is as thrilled for the launch of their new shop in the state where business began. Clearly Bullfrog Spas has continued to expand and has proven to be one of the biggest pool and spa makers in the United States. Thanks to its success, the people of Logan does not  have to go very far to experience the convenience of shopping at one of its authorized dealers.

Although relatively new to the water leisure industry having its beginnings in 1996, Bullfrog Spas has come a long way in manufacturing and designing products like swim spa, pools and outdoor hot tubs. From its headquarters in Utah, Bullfrog sold spas all over United States. Following its success in the US market, soon enough they were exporting and distributing products to different parts of the world. Hot tub enthusiasts from as far as Canada, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe could all attest to the fine work that is placed on everyone of its spas.

They may be young but their JetPak Therapy System certainly brought them at the forefront of spa innovation by introducing a new way of enjoying massage through water jets. Through, JetPak Technology’s the first of its kind modular and removable seats, users can rearrange jets to suit inbullfrog spasdividual massage desires. An amusing and necessary feature that makes it standout. Every Bullfrog hot tub tops efficiency ratings because JetPak has most of the plumbing at the right place solving the problem of long water lines and friction along the pipes.

Drop by Bullfrog Spas’  vast and recently opened showroom at Logan, Utah today and check out their various offers from Bullfrog spas parts, spa care line and discount hot tubs. Get to test one of the many spa displays and be the first to try out their latest models. You know you will not be wasting your time as stocks are always available in every color and layout so selection becomes easier. They also carry accessories like automatic and ordinary spa covers, cover lifts, filters, water treatment chemicals, replacement parts for non-Bullfrog units or just any other outdoor hot tub item you could think of. Trained staff are also ready to guide, walk you through and answer your questions. Being at an authorized dealer, you can be sure you are only buying genuine items and getting service from the real experts.

Since its launch a few months ago, the Bullfrog store at Logan has bullfrog spabeen getting a lot of support from the locals and hot tub sales has been going up.  As a way of giving back to the community and as a means to express its gratitude for Logan’s overwhelming patronage, Bullfrog Spas helped organize ‘loan a tent program’ which aims to assist with local projects by lending tents at no cost. Utahns are raving about it as big and multifunctional tents can be very expensive. And many people are benefiting from it as they use the tents during sports fests, local festivities and other community related-events.

Cant’ wait to go shopping at one of the best hot tub dealers in Utah? Just drive to Nibley Road on Highway 89 anytime. Say hello to owner Shawn Maynard and Store Manager Tom Makin when you have the time. They might be able to help you. You may also look for Rod Smith, a Bullfrog Spas representative in Logan if you need anything.

You don’t even have to be living in Utah to enjoy Bullfrog hot tubs. Go to their website to discover the  authorized dealer in your city or call their customer line for inquiries.


Balboa Spa for all your hot tub needs

Are you looking for hot tub parts but just do not know where to find them? Having trouble with matching specifications and getting a run around when placing orders? Your search is finally over because Balboa Hot Tub has got the all the answers for you.

Balboa Water Group is considered a household name in the leisure water industry with over twenty years of service, constantly changing the way we enjoy hot tubs and spas.  They offer an exceptional line of spas, accessories, control panels and replacement parts that are widely known for their outstanding quality. Each Balboa spa parts, no matter how small or big they are, are designed and constructed to meet the highest standards. Balboa also takes pride in leading major advances when it comes to spa technology with the goal of upgrading existing products and designing new ones.Balboa hot tubs

If you are hearing about Balboa for the first time, below are five reasons why you are missing out on one of the best brands around and why you ought to go to their site today.

Balboa Spa‘s M7 technology

Balboa hot tub controls utilizes an innovative and one-of-a-kind mechanism called M7 which features a smart temperature flow sensor technology. How can users benefit from M7 controls ?

  • It comes with a Piezo Switch which is fitted with a state-of-the-art electronic non-pressure and dip switch which were tested to be long-lasting and offers trouble-free operation. The absence of unruly parts, air gaps and exposed electrical wiring guarantees users’ safety.
  • Eliminate unnecessary and excessive cycles through its Balboa spa controls smart sensors that accurately measure water flow and temperature
  • Emits zero noise during operation

Upgrade and replacement made easy

A common problem among users revolves around searching for suppliers and finding compatible hot tubs components. There are times when certain parts may only be strictly sold to dealers and retailers. When this happens, owners end up paying a high price for repairs, buying whole new units or being stuck with broken spas. Balboa Hot tub understands every homeowners’ dilemma and this is why they have set up a convenient system that makes shopping for parts possible and uncomplicated. Information about parts are posted online plus Balboa hot tub codes were created to easily identify items. Important measurements and dimensions are also listed on the website for anyone to see, plus instructions and tips are also available for those capable of DIY work.

Brand known for its versatility

Balboa knows no bounds. From spas, parts like single/dual speed pumps, cords, lighting, hot tub heater, system, ozonators, high tech control panels, hot tub cover and other accessories, you name it, Balboa has it.  No idea about parts and their functions? Visit their user-friendly website and be amazed with the wealth of information that it contains. Easy-to-understand diagrams, images, manuals and guideline can be quickly located. It is a great resource for  professionals, sellers and first time spa owners who are interested to learn more.

A popular name in hot tub reviews

Balboa spa tops most customer reviews for its quality products. Many users have witnessed its amazing service and they can be found in hot tub forums recommending Balboa to others. Not only are they a favorite choice for small hot tubs and big outdoor hot tub models, but people look for their name when it comes to individual spa components like water jets, LED lights, air blowers, heaters and pumps among others.

Enjoy first-class customer service

Balboa hot tub staff are always there to help answer your questions and process orders. Talk to a trained personnel about installation, specifications, follow up orders and just anything about Balboa. Call their tech support line for inquiries regarding Balboa hot tub parts for both household and commercial units. Contact details for different departments are in the website for your convenience.