Things to Know When Troubleshooting Baja Spas

Most people who purchase hot tubs from different brands or hot tub manufacturers use their tubs for home use and home spa parties. They are the best hot tubs for cozy weekends or water therapy after a stressful work day. Oftentimes, when problems arise, you wouldn’t want to call a technician right away for convenience and costing purposes as sometimes, the hot tub cost is already expensive on its own. So save one from damages in used hot tubs or potential damages for the new ones, Baja Spa has some instructions on how to troubleshoot their tubs.

First is that one must always search for the error codes that should be visible in the control panel. These codes will let one know what the possible problem may be. Most of the time, it can be the temperature or the heating controls. When having these problems with your portable hot tubs or outdoor hot tubs, the manufacturer suggests that one must call for a spa dealer’s attention.

Baja Hot Tub Second is to make sure that the spa is getting power or energy from the breaker box. One can turn it off and back on again to check if it is indeed the problem or not with your Baja spas.

Third, when you buy a hot tub, always make sure to fill up the tub with the right amount of water. One may look at the skimmer to make sure that there is enough water already. Also, the filter needs to be cleaned regularly to make sure that it is allowing water to just flow through.

Fourth, ensure that the so-called ozonator is doing its job for your swim spas or hot tubs. To do so, you may check the plug and make sure that it’s tightly plugged to where it should be.

Baja SpasFifth, be conscious in using your control panel. The water should only be heated in a temperature that is allowable of its amount or the hot tub’s model.

Sixth, you can open the valves that let the water reaches the heater and even the pump. You can also experiment by testing the jet settings in different levels to test how the hot tub should be operated properly.

Lastly, if there are major problems that include the correct heating or setting of water temperature or issues with the pumps, make sure that your dealers are made aware of this so the issue may be escalated to their manufacturers. Baja Spas may help out in setting an appointment for a technician to come and visit your tub especially when power issues are present.


Six Great Hot Tubs that Fit Up to Eight Persons

Upon purchasing a hot tub, people need to know first how large the tub has to be. The huge ones usually fit up to eight persons. This kind of hot tub is perfect for people who want to entertain friends and families during home parties and gatherings. Its advantage of having to accommodate many persons also comes with a few disadvantages. Unlike a 2 person hot tub or a 4 person hot tub, this kind of tub needs larger space for obvious reasons. An 8 person hot tub is perfect for decks, yards or any free outdoor space that is large enough to still allow people to have some space for moving around. It also needs more water and electricity energy. It also comes heavy which does not make it portable so it will help if people will have permanent space for it. Since it also comes big, it needs more energy to be cleaned well enough for the next use. This outdoor hot tub is definitely one of the best hot tubs but when buying one, the buyer needs to look at features that make up the best six picks for those who are looking for their perfect tubs.

First on the list is the MPS 52 spa that can be purchased from Spa Guy Spas. This hot tub can definitely accommodate 8 persons and is as wide as 82 x 82 x 35 inches. It also needs 425 gallons of water and the jets are 52 in number. It has a pump and LED lights. This type is also one of the most affordable spas for parties. It’s good for adults up to eight in number. Its seats also vary in heights. This cheaper but good 8 person hot tub also comes in LED lights. This kind is considered affordable amidst the many good features that it offers.

The second one that buyers can get is the Ponoma hot tub that is being offered by Arctic Spa. If you are looking for something that comes in affordable hot tub prices, it’s one of the best options out there. It also offers a cozy feel plus it needs less energy when compared with others that are out in the market. It also needs less water that is up to 500 gallons only. It has an electronic way of controlling the tub and it also comes in LED lights. It has a total of 75 jets and it even has a waterfall that can massage the body for more relaxation. It also uses high technology in hot tub filters that keep it clean all the time.

8 person hot tub
The third one is the one offered by Caldera Spa. It’s called Utopia Cantabria hot tub. It’s not the cheap type but it’s perfect for home parties. It even has one of the highest hot tubs prices because it’s known to be a luxury type which probably makes it the best hot tub when talking about 8 person hot tubs. It has a total of three pumps and three speed types. It also has six sequences for its 74 jets. Since it comes in eight seats, its size is actually 108 x 91 x 38 inches. Its LED lights that have multiple colours and one recliner surely make the difference.

The fourth one is known as the Diamond D970N hot tub that is available in Cal Spas. Unlike other types, it is rectangular in shape and its nine-foot side is the longest side. Its one great quality is the variation that its seating offers. It comes in bucket, reclining and bench seats. It is also empowered with jets that are 70 in total. Its amazing LED lights bring the party atmosphere to guests, families and friends. Like the luxury tubs, this kind is advanced when it comes to the technology that it uses. Aside from being low-maintenance type, it is also an energy-efficient hot tub for sale. It may not be one of the cheap hot tubs but this is because it has great features to offer.

The fifth one is the Bullfrog A8 hot tub. It definitely belongs to the most popular and known brands of the pool of 8 person hot tubs. This brand is known to manufactures big tubs that can accommodate adults from 4 to 6 but also has the one that fits up to 8 persons. This makes them the brand that is popular for spa parties and gatherings. Although the fact that they have no recliners for the 8-seater tubs, they have the 7-person tub that are made with seats that are deep enough for superior comfort and for people to have enough space from one another. Bullfrog tubs that can accommodate eight persons can have as much as 540 gallons of water, two pumps, six packs of jet and other luxury features that are optional.

8 person hot tubs

The last but definitely not the least on our list is the Jacuzzi hot tub. Specifically, it is the J-495 model that has a lot of features which make this brand a common household name. This brand comes in 3 pumps that a total of 62 jets. It also has the ability to divert functions of the massage feature.

These hot tubs can come as they are given their features but can definitely be even better with some accessories that help make their owners’ lives easier or more fun. Not only the 8 person hot tubs but any other kinds of tubs can be better with accessories. One of them is the tub cover that keeps the hot clean and away from dirt. This also helps in keeping the water’s temperature. Then we also have the steps for the hot tubs that are obviously used to get in and out of them comfortably. There are also stereo sets to make one enjoy music while relaxing. Then there are the caddies or the shelves that support items like drinks. Filters are also available to make sure the tubs are cleaned properly. However, one must always remember that any of these accessories need to be compatible with the model and brand of his or her hot tub. Although these hot tub reviews may be very helpful, make sure that a buyer studies well the features that will fit their needs and preferences.


What Can be More Exciting than Relaxing in a 2 Person Hot Tub?

Most of us spend tough days at work and come home with sore muscles. Whatever jobs we may have, we always look forward to coming to our homes and spend some relaxing time with our loved ones. What can be a better way to relax than get some hydrotherapy that refreshes and relaxes the muscles. Moreover, relaxing with someone close to our heart gives more meaning to the moment.

If others opt to take a hot shower or a hot bath, this may not be enough to relax the muscles because the heat does not stay longer as compared to soaking one’s body in a hot tub. Also, they come in small hot tubs and does not really offer comfort at its best.

In this light, a better way to soothe one’s aching muscles is to submerge the body in water with hot temperature or also known as hydrotherapy. Using the best hot tubs, one does not only get the relaxing effect of hot water but also the comfort of body positioning. One can enjoy spa jets that are strategically placed to massage the body and get it back to its best state.

If you want to enjoy the 2 person hot tubs with someone, purchasing this hot tub spa is a really affordable and easy way of soothing the muscles at the end of a hard day’s work. Moreover, you can consider QCA spas if you want hot tubs that can accommodate 2 persons and that can easily be set up without a need for a plumber or an installer. This kind of spa works in a plug and play setup. You simply need someone to plug the cord into an outlet and you’re good to go.2 person hot tub

This kind of spa does not require a lot of space so it can be set up even in places with limited area. This 2 person hot tub spa also comes in sizes that can be put inside or outside homes. This makes this kind of spa come with portable hot tubs that can be moved to places, from one location to another. Now tell me, what can be more convenient than that?

As mentioned earlier, this kind of spa is affordable and does not require anyone a lot of money just to enjoy its benefits to one’s life. This can be used alone, with loved ones or a friend you want to spend a 2 person spa time with. No one can go wrong with purchasing this kind of hot tub by QCA spas. Realize the benefits of hot water through hydrotherapy and ease muscle pain at the comfort of your homes.

If you are wondering about its exact size and the hot tub parts, the dimensions are approximately 3.5-inch wide, 2.4-inch deep and 7.5-inch l2 person hot tubsong. It also has 2-level seating, arm rests and more. These features will definitely help you get the desired relaxation based on your expectations. This tub has massage therapy jets that are strategically positioned in a way that the pressure points of the body are targeted. It also comes with LED controls that can be accessed right by the fingertips as well as seats that are contoured to perfectly fit the body. Its shell that is durable also comes in different colours of hot tub covers that are relaxing to look at. Lastly, when purchased, the spa is enclosed in a maintenance-free PVC cabinet. Imagine all these the next time you come home after long hours of work at the office or in the fields, meeting a lot of people and enduring long road trips. Use 2 person hot tubs  to ease the pain  in your neck, back, legs and the rest of your body so you can be back refreshed and relaxed for the next day’s work.

This is definitely better than a 1 person hot tub because what can be a better way to utilize this two person hot tub but to share it with someone you can have a little chit-chats with while relaxing every muscle in your body. Who knows talking to someone might also add to the wonders of the hot tub’s hydrotherapy. That is simply brought by the wonders of hot tubs and spas.


Things to Know About a 110v Hot Tub

It is not easy to find a hot tub. When searching about them, it seems like all the information they provide are the same which makes you feel that the information is one-sided only. No matter how hard you look for the best hot tubs all around the place, if you are just renting or living in a small place and you still consider the fact that you have to comply with the strict rules of HOA, the 110 volt hot tub might be your only option. This type does not need an electrician because you can plug it directly into your home’s power outlet. However, before you finally decide on getting this one, it is just right to know its pros and cons through hot tub reviews.

What are the pros?

First, it doesn’t require professional electricians. This type of indoor hot tub practically saves you $300 – $1,200 because you don’t have to pay for the installation of electrics that are required in some other hot tubs.

Second, it is great for some situations at home.If you have a small space because you are apparently just renting your home or unit, this type of spa that comes with 110V hot tubs is easily plugged in to your home’s outlet.

Third, it is a great option for climates that are mild.This type of indoor hot tubs can keep its heat if the temperature during winter doesn’t go up to 20 degrees or lower. 

Fourth, it is great for soaks at shorter time. If you spend just about 20 – 30 minutes soaking your body in indoor hot tubs, which is the average time for most people, this one is a great option because it can keep the heat for that specific duration and will still allow you to enjoy its temperature. 

Fifth, it works for plug and play.You won’t need installations that usually require a contractor and you can be on your own by simply filling the spa using a hose unless, of course, if you want a deck or a foundation. This kind of spa can be plugged into a standard 110V to 115V outlet which makes indoor use a good option. This makes your spa a cheap hot tub only with minimal hot tub cost.110v Hot Tub

Lastly, they can come in smaller hot tubs. These hot tubs are smaller which is great for single use or even for couples who want 110V hot tubs to relax through hydrotherapy. This type of hot tubs is also perfect for townhouses, condo units or any other places of limited area.

What are the cons?

First, it takes time to heat. Based on hot tubs reviews, it is generally slower to heat and the time it takes to get the temperature that you want may be twice as long for smaller tubs because of their smaller heaters. This is mainly because of the hot tub parts. 

Second, it is not the best option for cold climates. Since it takes some time to heat and the spa shuts off the heater when the jets are being used, it may be a better option to be used in places where climates are milder. 

Third, when the jets are in use, the heater turns off.Since the spa can only handle enough energy at one time, most models of this spa are specifically made in such a way that the heater shuts off automatically when the jets are turned on. If you are using the spa in a place where the weather is mild, there shouldn’t be any problems but once the temperature hits 20 degrees or even lower, you may easily feel that the water gets cooled quickly. 

Fourth, it is not really energy-efficient.Not everyone may agree but most 110V to 115V spas are not really that energy-efficient when compared to their counterparts in 220V. The reason is that the heater works quicker when in 220V and it also allows the hot tub to stay in the “stasis” for a longer time. Whereas, the heater in a 110V to 115V spa takes twice as long to reach the same temperature. However, other people say that the 220V actually uses more energy but in a short period of time but and the 110V to 115V needs the same amount of energy but in a longer period of time.

Fifth, their jets are not that powerful.Although exceptions apply to this rule, most models of spa in 110V to 115V are not as powerful as those models in 220V. The reason for this is that there is actually no enough electricity drawn to make multiple pumps work which makes most spas available with a small pump only. This fact also affects the hot tub pricing in the market. If your spa is not really intended for hydrotherapy, this shouldn’t be a big deal, anyway.


A Review of the 3 Person Hot Tub with 31 Jets by Home and Garden Spas

For people who are wanting to own one of the best hot tubs but have limited space outdoors, having 3 person hot tubs is an ideal option. Aside from its space-saving factor, it’s also the best time to share intimate moments with loved ones since 3 persons can be accommodated and it can also be comfortable as a 2 person hot tub.

This kind of garden spa has small hot tubs that are user-friendly and are designed to be easily maintained while still providing therapeutic and relaxing effects. The Home and Garden Spas is known to have a good reputation when it comes to manufacturing high-quality products such as outdoor hot tubs that are created using energy-efficient methodologies.

The features of the three person hot tub by the Home and Garden Spas include the following:

  1. capacity for 3 persons and inclusion of a lounger
  2. 31 jets that are interchangeable
  3. topside controls that are user friendly
  4. 2-stage pump at 6 horse power
  5. LED lighting in 9 colours
  1. Capacity for 3 Persons and a Lounger

This kind is specifically designed to accommodate 3 persons and perfect for a small family that is into 3 person hot tubs. It’s 80″ W x 60″ L. It becomes a space saver because of its size that is also economical since it requires less water, too.

  1. 31 Jets That are Interchangeable

This kind of spa provides a therapeutic experience that helps the body relax through its 31 stainless and interchangeable jets. These jets are powered by a 6 horse power pump that makes the jets not only powerful but also effective.

3 Person Hot TubIt also has three different types of jets that are used to direct water to various areas of the body.

First is the Whirlpool Jet that provides high amount of water pressure that can be focused on a small area to give a massage type sensation to the body. This sensation produces the hydrotherapy feeling.

Second is the Pressure Point Jet that focuses on pressure points in necks, calves, feet and shoulders. This feature helps increase circulation and relieve muscle tension.

Third and last is the Therapy Jet. This feature creates a swirling motion that can definitely relieve tension and strain in the neck area.

  1. LED Lighting in 9 Colours

This feature is an interesting and nice inclusion since it enhances the feel and atmosphere when using this 3 person hot tub. This also adds safety and lets you choose lighting scheme that matches your specific mood for the day.