The Different Hot Tub Parts

Hot tubs can be quite expensive, especially if you are looking for a high quality one.  This is the reason why you need to take proper care of it when you eventually purchase one. When you take care of it very well by maintaining the major parts, it will last for a long time. It requires constant monitoring and checking. Once you discover any part that is not working as it is supposed to, you can easily change it before it affects all other parts.

Hot Tub Parts That Need To Be Checked

Hot tubs have many parts, but the most important ones are the pump, heater, filter and the control system. Most hot tubs also come with jets that are used for hydrotherapy purposes. These are the most vital part of the hot tub that requires adequate care because they are the parts that enables the hot tub to function properly.  Therefore, if any of these parts stops working, it will be noticed instantly as it may end up affecting all other parts.

Functions of Different Hot Tub Parts

Hot tubs have a pump for circulating the water around the tub. This part uses the jets to filter the water. This pump has two modes of operation i.e. high speed or low speed. The high speed is used for operating the jet, while the low speed is used for filtering the water. Hot tubs have different numbers of pumps depending on its size.


The Different Hot Tub Parts

The hot tub’s spa pack, which is the control, helps the pump, the jet, heaters and the fitters to function together in harmony. This control system assists users to be able to change the water temperature when they are in the tub or outside of it.  If the control fails to function normally, all the other parts of the tub will not function well too. This is because there will be no way to change the operations of all the hot tub parts.
The hot tub’s control is also responsible for switching on and off the lights and powering up the ozonator.
The heater in the hot tub helps to heat up the water to a warm temperature that is required by the user. As the water moves around in the tub, the heater warms it up. The heater continues until the desired temperature of the water is reached. The recommended temperature of the hot tub’s water is around 104oF.  This is the ideal temperature because it prevents the user’s body from losing its water or getting hurt while in the hot tub.
The filter in the hot tub is used for filtering out dirt or debris that is inside the water. The filter’s work is to keep the water clear and clean. Most people add chemical to the water to eliminate small bacterial or contaminants from the water.  This is because the filter cannot eliminate every thing from the water.

However, recent hot tubs have a device called the ozonator. This is used to filter impurities out of the water. Current hot tubs are produced with the ozonator. It uses a different kind of light to produce the ozone. The ozone is then incorporated into the water through a little venturi. The ozone’s work can be compared to that of Bromine or chlorine as it eliminates organic materials. Once your hot tub has ozonator, you will not need chemicals to filter the water. The ozonator is controlled by the hot tub’s pack or control system.
Other parts of the hot tubs are the hydrojet, the cabinet, blowers and the hot tub’s lights. The hydrojet is a nozzle that absorbs air in and is connected to a valve. This connection produces air bubbles. The hydrojet makes it possible for users to have hydrotherapy.  Blowers are commonly found in older models of hot tub. It works by creating air bubbles in the water and acts like the hydroject.
Now you know the different parts of the hot tub. It is time for you to give your hot tub constant check up so that you can use it for a long time. If you neglect it and a part becomes defective, it will likely affect other parts as well, creating a big problem for your hot tubs.


How To Choose The Right Leisure Bay Spa Parts

Owners of a Leisure Bay Spa hot tub may want to replace some parts of it in order to maintain optimum performance. Even though your home spa is still working well, you might want to install additional parts or accessories in order to improve its performance. Of course if your home spa system is from Leisure Bay, it would only work best with Leisure Bay Spa parts.

 What Are Different Leisure Bay Spa Parts?

There are a number of parts for a Leisure Bay Home Spa. Each of these parts contribute to the overall performance of the home spa system. The most common parts of a hot tub or a home spa system are the control, or the spa park; the heaters; the pumps; and the filters.
How To Choose The Right Leisure Bay Spa PartsThe control or the spa park comes in two different forms, either an air control or a digital control. It is important that you choose the right control for the kind of home spa that you have, in order for it to function perfectly. One way of determining what kind of control which best fits the Leisure Bay hot tub that you own is by checking out the control buttons. The buttons are different for a digital control and for an air control. If the topside buttons show no digital reading and instead you have air hoses, then your home spa’s park is using air control. If the spa’s control is digital, it will then be indicated on the display.
Another way that you can tell which Leisure Bay Spa parts your hot tub has is by looking for where the heater is positioned. A hot tub that runs on digital control has the heater placed at the
control box’s base. Recently, the company has developed a new control system that will work with those Leisure Bay spas manufactured ten years ago and those hot tubs that are equipped
with a 24-hour circulation pump. This new digital control is known as the “Flexfit Digital System” , which will also work well for hot tubs that are very small.
Important Leisure Bay Spa parts include the heaters as well, which are available in three different kinds. Like the control, the right heater should be chosen for the kind of spa that you have, in order to achieve maximum performance. Choosing the right heater for a home spa has become easier with the development of universal heaters. Being universal, this type of heater will work with different models of Leisure Bay spas. When purchasing a universal heater for a home spa, it is important to make sure that the heater is original, especially if you are buying it online.

Another factor to consider in choosing Leisure Bay Spa parts, specifically the heaters, are the dimensions of your home spa. You can browse online for the dimensions of your spa and from there you can start choosing for the kind of heater that you will consider for your spa.Other Leisure Bay Spa parts that you might want to check on are pumps. Considered as the central part of the home spa, the pumps are very important parts for your hot tub. Spa pumps come in different designs and shapes so you will have many options to choose from. When buying the pumps for your home spa, make sure to double, and even triple check that it works perfectly  because you don’t want to end up with unclean and stagnant water for your home spa.
Filters are also vital Leisure Bay Spa parts. Probably the cheapest out of the four parts mentioned, the filters are nonetheless a very important part of your home spa. Filters play a
major role in keeping the water in the tub clean and thus should be replaced at least once a year. Failing to do so might result to a blocked pump, and you might end up replacing not only the
filters but the pumps as well.

Where To Find Leisure Bay Spa Parts

Leisure Bay Spa parts can be bought at specialty stores that specialize in home spas, spa accessories, portable hot tubs and the like. There are also online stores that sell these spa parts.
When shopping for parts online, it would be wise to do some research first, just to make sure that the Leisure Bay Spa parts that you are buying are legitimate ones and not a really good
imitation of the original parts.