Balboa Spa for all your hot tub needs

Are you looking for hot tub parts but just do not know where to find them? Having trouble with matching specifications and getting a run around when placing orders? Your search is finally over because Balboa Hot Tub has got the all the answers for you.

Balboa Water Group is considered a household name in the leisure water industry with over twenty years of service, constantly changing the way we enjoy hot tubs and spas.  They offer an exceptional line of spas, accessories, control panels and replacement parts that are widely known for their outstanding quality. Each Balboa spa parts, no matter how small or big they are, are designed and constructed to meet the highest standards. Balboa also takes pride in leading major advances when it comes to spa technology with the goal of upgrading existing products and designing new ones.Balboa hot tubs

If you are hearing about Balboa for the first time, below are five reasons why you are missing out on one of the best brands around and why you ought to go to their site today.

Balboa Spa‘s M7 technology

Balboa hot tub controls utilizes an innovative and one-of-a-kind mechanism called M7 which features a smart temperature flow sensor technology. How can users benefit from M7 controls ?

  • It comes with a Piezo Switch which is fitted with a state-of-the-art electronic non-pressure and dip switch which were tested to be long-lasting and offers trouble-free operation. The absence of unruly parts, air gaps and exposed electrical wiring guarantees users’ safety.
  • Eliminate unnecessary and excessive cycles through its Balboa spa controls smart sensors that accurately measure water flow and temperature
  • Emits zero noise during operation

Upgrade and replacement made easy

A common problem among users revolves around searching for suppliers and finding compatible hot tubs components. There are times when certain parts may only be strictly sold to dealers and retailers. When this happens, owners end up paying a high price for repairs, buying whole new units or being stuck with broken spas. Balboa Hot tub understands every homeowners’ dilemma and this is why they have set up a convenient system that makes shopping for parts possible and uncomplicated. Information about parts are posted online plus Balboa hot tub codes were created to easily identify items. Important measurements and dimensions are also listed on the website for anyone to see, plus instructions and tips are also available for those capable of DIY work.

Brand known for its versatility

Balboa knows no bounds. From spas, parts like single/dual speed pumps, cords, lighting, hot tub heater, system, ozonators, high tech control panels, hot tub cover and other accessories, you name it, Balboa has it.  No idea about parts and their functions? Visit their user-friendly website and be amazed with the wealth of information that it contains. Easy-to-understand diagrams, images, manuals and guideline can be quickly located. It is a great resource for  professionals, sellers and first time spa owners who are interested to learn more.

A popular name in hot tub reviews

Balboa spa tops most customer reviews for its quality products. Many users have witnessed its amazing service and they can be found in hot tub forums recommending Balboa to others. Not only are they a favorite choice for small hot tubs and big outdoor hot tub models, but people look for their name when it comes to individual spa components like water jets, LED lights, air blowers, heaters and pumps among others.

Enjoy first-class customer service

Balboa hot tub staff are always there to help answer your questions and process orders. Talk to a trained personnel about installation, specifications, follow up orders and just anything about Balboa. Call their tech support line for inquiries regarding Balboa hot tub parts for both household and commercial units. Contact details for different departments are in the website for your convenience.


6 Person Hot Tub: More than just a big hot tub

Soaking in a hot tub can have multiple meanings to different people. Some find peace and comfort in being alone. These people enjoy solitude in the tub. There are others who like to frolic in an outdoor hot tub and the best times are spent with friends and family. It can be a good place to play or have meaningful conversations. Whether you prefer a solo dip or you are someone who does not mind company of friends, 6 person hot tubs will cater to every heart’s desire.

Check out Home and Garden Spas 6 Person Hot Tub and fall in love with its fabulous features. Take pleasure in its many great qualities that include well-designed control panels and a powerful motor all at reasonable hot tub prices.

What makes this model a must have? Let us go over its amazing attributes one by one.

6 Person Capacity. One buys a hot tub for many reasons but with a 6 person hot tub, size is probably plays a major role. There might not always be six of you frequently using it but there is always something calming about a huge space and having a big pool all to yourself.

6 Person Hot Tub6 person hot tub dimensions are considered large so forget this layout if you are looking for something compact and instead focus your search on a line of portable hot tubs. But if you need one that will suit almost every family’s needs, this is the way to go.

No slip tub. Because sometimes no matter how clean your tub is, its surface is just one that can get slimy and slippery all too fast. Its slip resistant surface solves that problem to substantially prevent accidents and give you peace of mind. It truly is one of the best hot tubs around when you have got such a safety measure that protects you and your family.

Built-in MP3 port with Sub-Woofer and Waterproof speakers. Your indoor hot tub just got way cooler. Chill in your 6 person hot tub while sipping on a glass of wine as you listen to soothing beats using an MP3 input system with speakers and sub-woofer. Get your MP3 player ready and your favorite playlist lined up as you sit back and relax with your own waterproof speakers. These are exactly the  kind of moments you capture with your camera and share with other spa enthusiasts in one of the popular hot tub reviews forums around.

40 stainless steel jets. You are in a treat with its forty stainless steel water jets that are powered by a 6 horsepower motor. These jets are already placed in spots around the tub to target certain body parts that are prone to strain and pain like your neck, back, shoulders, calves and feet. And because they are adjustable, you are free to alter their position to your liking. It may not pass as one of those cheap hot tubs that everyone watches out for at a warehouse sale but its sturdy parts like the stainless steel jets are worth every penny.

Digital controls. It simply is one of the best hot tub in the market today because it just makes life a whole lot easy for you with its digital control panel and easy to understand displays that allow you to effortlessly modify settings. You get to control your hot tub even with eyes closed.

These are just some of the many great properties of a 6 person hot tub from Home and Garden Spas.To learn more, waste no time and visit your favorite shop or an online dealer today.


2 Person Spa – Not Your Ordinary Bath Tub

Hot water is just the sort of thing that you look for immediate relief at times when you are sick or when you had a stressful day. You drink warm tea for a stomach ache, hot coffee on a very hectic day at work or a hot shower for a good night’s sleep. We all love hot water because it does wonderful things to calm the mind and body. This is why we make bath tubs an important part of our homes thinking that it is everything that there is to treat ourselves to a nightly soak in warm water to help with those tired muscles and aching joints. While it affords one fast and convenient access to a warm bath, the size of an ordinary bath tub limits its ability to provide full comfort. To make the most out of submerging one’s body in hot water, it is important that one feels at ease and physically relaxed in a tub. More than just a small pool filled with hot water, a 2 person hot tub spa offers a guaranteed restful time and facilities not found in a typical tub.

A 2 person hot tub differs from a common bath tub because it is specifically designed for relaxation and it comfortably accommodates two people. It is built with leveled seats that are carefully designed to help release tension plus it comes with massage jets that contribute to  soothing effects of hydrotherapy. Unlike in an ordinary tub, you get to stretch out your legs and arms as you let the jets do its magic on your aching back and tense muscles.

What is so good about a 2 person spa

2 person hot tubTo learn more about two person hot tubs and to know whether this is the right layout for you, we have listed down some of its great qualities.

Convenient and easy to install. They generally require simple set up and maintenance especially when you purchase one that easily plugs into a standard electrical outlet.  Forget about the hassles of intricate wiring system and complex plumbing when you can purchase a

2 person spa. As with any portable hot tub, you can put it one yourself and save up on unwanted installation costs. It can be an exciting DIY project for the skillful handyperson and a great learning experience for the novice. Instruction manuals, online video tutorials and forums are always available in case someone gets confused.

2 person hot tubsAbsolute space saver. Because it is meant to fit in only two people, you do not need to have a huge houseor a spacious yard to own one. A two person hot tub does not eat up too much space and can very well be placed inside one’s home. Buying a new spa not part of the plan? No worries because you need not break down a wall or convert your garage. Moving it outdoors is also possible because of its compact and lightweight design. A 2 person hot tub commonly measures 7.5′ long, 3.5 ‘ wide and 2.4 ‘ deep complete with cozy seats, arm rests and other great features that contribute to a pleasurable bath. There is more than enough room for the soloist and a sufficient space for a couple. 

Highly affordable. Depending on the style and components, 2 person hot tub prices are mostly low, but no doubt they are cheaper than a 4 person hot tub. When it is just you and your partner or your best friend visiting during a long holiday break, this low cost spa can be as enjoyable and entertaining. You alone can enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy or share the experience with someone without hurting your bank account. So in case you are looking at options for cheap hot tubs, this should definitely top your list. 2 person spa

It’s just like any other hot tub spa. Who says a small hot tub is boring and that the big ones are always better. 2 person hot tubs may be small, but they do come in fabulous designs and are built with quality materials also found in other spa configurations. It comes in styles that can very well match the feel of your patio or blend in well next to your pool. They are also equipped with massage therapy jets that target crucial parts of your body so you feel recharged and refreshed after.  It can also be used with accessories like colorful LED lights and comfy pillows. To conserve electricity and to keep the water warm for a long time, matching hot tub covers are also available.

When someone tells you that a 2 person spa lacks all the fun and elegance that is found in expensive and big units, you should be able to argue that they are wrong. When it comes to hot tubs, size does not determine performance. Compact models exist because there are those who do not see the need for huge spas and there are those who are not ready to invest on layouts like the top-of-the-line, high priced  6 person hot tub.


The Famous Inflatable Tub

One of the world’s modern home spa invention is the inflatable hot tub. Compared to a conventional home spa, this type of hot tub became much favorable for spa owners. It’s now considered among the top pick spa products, not only for being very affordable rate, but also for the many advantages that the tub features.

Conventional Hot Tubs and Inflatable Hot Tubs: Which is better?

Actually, conventional tubs and the inflatable ones are designed and manufactured with the same purpose. Both tubs boasts several excellent features which greatly influence a buyer’s decision on which to choose between the two opposing tubs.

First of all, an inflatable tub is very flexible compared to a conventional tub. The tub can be easily deflated or broken down. This makes it very convenient for owners to transfer the tub from one place to another. Sure enough, the owner won’t get a lot of trouble using the tub for outdoor activities with his family and friends. Weekends have never been great and exciting with the use of an outdoor tub.

inflatable spa

And in addition to being offered with an affordable hot tub prices, an inflatable hot tub has also a low operating cost. It usually runs at 120 volts, so it can be plugged into any regular outlet. Owners can now avoid having spikes on their electric bill with the use of this tub.

However, these hot tubs also carry some negative aspects. Of course, buyers would definitely want to know and consider the downside, before rushing in to buy his own inflatable spa. The disadvantage of this tub that buyer should carefully thought about is its durability. Because this portable inflatable hot tubs are designed with a great portability feature, the materials used in manufacturing the tub are very light. This means that these materials are also less durable. On the other hand, conventional hot tubs are created from very strong materials, which makes it sturdy. This is the reason why conventional ones are very resistant to elements and direct damages. If well maintained, they can last for a very long period of time.

inflatable hot tubAnother disadvantage is its low heating power. Inflatable tub don’t have the power to immediately reach a certain level of temperature, unlike the conventional tubs. Also, not all of its hot tub parts is modernized. Inflatable hot tubs are not designed with the use of Hydrojets. Instead, a blower is used which is more common among old hot tub spa models. The blower creates a hydrotherapy effect by blowing the air around the spa. And also because it does not have a good insulation, this is the reason why heat is lost and water cools faster in the tub. Lastly, an inflatable hot tub requires setting up. Owners have to pump it with air to inflate the tub, fill it up with a necessary amount of water, and wait for the tub to achieve a desired level of temperature befo re being ready for usage. It takes a longer span of time to completely set up these portable hot tubs compared to a conventional ones. After using the tub, you’d have to drain the water and completely release the air to properly store the tub.

But the question is, why do buyers choose to have an inflatable spa instead of a conventional tub?

Buyers prefer to go with an inflatable tub when cost is a major priority. As mentioned, conventional tubs are very expensive compared to inflatable hot tubs. You need to have a budget of over a thousand dollars or more, if you prefer to use a conventional tub. Most would prefer cheap hot tubs rather than spending tons of cash. Not only that, you also need to expect for a higher electric bills because the tub has a high energy consumption in maintaining the heat level of the tub. If you plan not to stay permanently on your location, or have plans on owning a dream house one day, then you might as well as consider using an inflatable tub. You do want to bring your tub with you if you want to transfer to another place, right?

Also, you do not need to worry about altering the structure of your house. Unlike conventional ones in which digging up a hole is necessary, inflatable tubs can fit perfectly anywhere, as long as it’s placed in a flat surface. There is no need for asking permits or complying troublesome requirements. If you invest on your private inflatable tub, you can freely enjoy using the tub whether as an indoor hot tub, or you can use it outside your house, if you want to relax and feel the serenity of nature. However you want to use it, the best inflatable tub would always be an excellent choice.


Portable Hot Tubs: The right choice

There are a lot of advantages in buying this kind of tub. Compared to the usual regular tubs, many people prefer to use this kind of tubs on their home, or home spa. This tub has a lot of advantages which includes being free form the hassle of connecting wires or fixing tubes or pipes. This makes a portable hot tub more convenient than the common conventional hot tubs.

Portable hot tubs maybe classified into two which includes inflatable hot tubs and those tubs which are made or molded in plastics. Both types are made from quality materials that make them durable and resistant to outdoor elements. The plastic tub is made from a sturdy plastic material that prevents wears and tears for a portable hot tublong period of time. The tub is designed with insulated foam filling which greatly helps in maintaining the water’s heat temperature. This becomes beneficial to owners especially in saving energy consumption. The only thing that makes the tub somehow uncomfortable to its users are the seats molded on the tub itself, which is very common to most molded-plastic portable hot tubs. Although this serves as an additional support to users, this would somehow makes it hard for people to move around the tub.

In contrast, the inflatable ones are made from uPVC’s (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride). This kind of material lasts for a very long period of time and would not easily tear from direct damages. The inflatable tubs uses the air pumped on its system to insulate water. Insulation is not that effective compared to plastic ones that is why portable spasome inflatable tubs are designed with additional panel for effectively conserve more heat. In addition, there are no molded seats found on this kind of portable hot tub and moving around it would be easy for its users.

With regard to being cost effective, both type of hot tubs are budget friendly. Plastic hot tubs cost less than the inflatable ones but rest assured that when you invest in any of these tubs, both would already include all necessary equipment to set up and enjoy your leisure time with your family and friends on your private outdoor hot tub.

Portable Hot Tubs: Pros and Cons

Every kind of hot tub has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is always advisable to narrow down your list of choices before rushing in and throwing some cash on a tub that you doubt would perfectly fit with what you really need. Remember that regret always come at the end result of every choice you make. So if I were you, I would start off by would digging up information and spending some time on some portable hot tub reviews. Checking out some pros and cons the tubs that you wanted to bring home would help you in a big way in narrowing down your search. Your knowledge on the tubs you wish to invest would help you find the perfect tub that would suit your criteria.

Portability is the most common advantage of having a portable spa in your home. If you usually follow a routine of visiting a spa every weekend just to spend time with your friends, then you can say your goodbyes to those weekend spa visitation and say hello to a hassle free leisure weekend. The tub can easily be moved around from any place at any time. Weekend and vacations would be so much fun when your family and friends get together to relax on your portable hot tub set up at any place in everyone’s convenience. Isn’t this the best hot tub you can ever think of?

But wait, there’s more!  The tub is designed in a simple way making it easy to handle and set up at any place, in any time. When setting up the tub, all you need to have is an electrical outlet to plug in the unit and a flat surface to lay your tub. Unlike other tubs, there is no need for you to dig holes just to be able to set it up at a specific place. Also, storing this kind of tub is as easy as setting it up. You can easily maximize your space with the use of this tub. These are just some of the reasons why most tub users settle with portable hot tubs.

However, portable spas weigh also some disadvantages. Having a non-portable spa means having a lesser opportunity to attach some hot tub accessories which can actually make it more appealing. Compared to conventional which are more beautiful, a portable tub is simpler in such sense that it has lesser features to show. But it is actually up to you if you are contented enough in having simple designs. Some people tend to settle on a classic one as long as the tub is more convenient for them.

Why Portable Spas are Great Choice?

portable hot tubsNever doubt that investing on this kind of tub would be unworthy of your time, effort and money. Yes, there may be a lot of tubs which are indeed durable and beneficial but are they within your financial reach? There are a lot of tubs which cost more. Some might cost a few thousand dollars while some can be bought for only a few hundred dollars. Actually, it is upon you to decide which side to choose from these options.

Talking about portable spa means spending on some good moneys. Although this is what most people think, these tubs are within your budget capacity. No doubt that these are leisure items but in reality, more and more people invest on these tubs because they know that the benefits they get would outweigh the expenses that they make in buying these tubs. It would surely be worth it to buy one for the whole family.

portable spasCompared to a conventional hot tub, portable ones are more cost effective. Even when it comes to maintaining your spa, conventional spa is more expensive in such a way that meticulous maintenance is needed.  And when it comes to the use of hot tub covers, it is an assurance that you will be spending less compared for the soft covers compared to the hard ones that conventional tubs use.

In addition, there are small hot tubs which require less amount of water needed to fill your tub. This means that less dose of chemicals are present on your tub. Actually, it becomes a healthy choice at a very affordable hot tub prices. More likely, the whole expense thing would be more reasonable and greater if you invest on your very own portable spas.

Now, if you still think that this best portable hot tub is not for you, then think again! Knowing your options and narrowing it down to a perfect list of tubs will help you choose the best hot tub that will satisfy your need. Your dream is now within your reach!