Get the Optimum Relaxation with the Leisure Bay Spa

Leisure Bay SpaIt is no news that users all over the world want the very best of products; and the leisure bay spa has proven to be such and more. One indispensable attribute of a spa is its ability to give the best relaxion. The leisure bay spa is a reputable company that for over decades churned out top notch spas and hot tubs.

More than ever the Leisure bay spas have continued to give users all over the world a life time experience, when relaxation comes to play. Little wonder everyone is talking about it, and leisure bay have continued to soar higher than other spas.

If you are new to spas and are wondering what really guarantees relaxation with the leisure spas, here are reasons;

1. Optimum Satisfaction
What is uttermost on the mind of the leisure bay spa company is the optimum satisfaction and happiness of its users. It is pledged at producing variety of hot tubs that target to proffer a life time experience for its users.

2. Superior Structure
The leisure bay spa hot tubs are made with excellent materials, that are durable, will last a long time, and can withhold harsh weather conditions.

3. Tested and Safe
All hot tub produced by Leisure Bay Spa are tested and passed through quality control before they are made available to potential users. These tubs also undergo stringent testing by the American UL, as well as meet the terms of CE standards.Hence, making it a guarantee for   customers to purchase a totally safe product.

4. Varieties to Choose From
Purchasers have the opportunity to choose from the different series and types of hot tubs and spas like;

The Celebrity Hot Tub
This type has lights in five spots and a programmable digital temperature.

The Four Winds Hot Tubs
This type of hot tubs has a great character of quiet performance and full insulation.

The Elite Hot Tub
Its outstanding features are backlights, a casede waterfall, a floor exhaust, multiple plumbing and more.

Ploysteel Hot Tubs
Users can behold the unique feature of differently colored lights.

What’s more with leisure bay spas relaxation benefit?

The Leisure Bay Spa hot tubs, offers the user the great experience of relaxing due to the   hydrotherapy. Also users don’t have to worry about electrocution, dehydration and overheating because these spas are equipped with self-diagnostics. With the way the spas are built, the spa’s temperature control system automatically adjusts to prevent the user from being harmed.

What is more, you can save yourself the stress of contamination and infectious diseases that tend to arise in warm waters when you use public spas. You can enjoy all you want in the spa, without thinking of any hazard.

With your own leisure bay spa, you can save yourself and your loved ones the diseases and the huge medical bills you might likely pay if you are sick.

So what are you waiting for? Go out there, get yourself a leisure bay spa, and take advantage of all the relaxation benefits.


Why the Hot Tub Review Is A Must Read

If owning a hot tub is uttermost on your mind now, then reading a Hot tub review should be your best bet. The reviews about hot tubs, is pledged essentially at reviewing brands that majorly focus on various kinds of hot tubs.

People planning to buy hot tubs , have a whole lot to achieve from these reviews, because an avalanche of information is exposed to the buyer, in order to help make a great informed decision on what and what not to buy. Online shopping sites are the best place to read up these reviews, which feature different brands and models of hot tubs.

So what do you stand to gain reading the Hot Tub Reviews?Here is some of the information you will be privileged to have when you read the hot tub review;

1. Product Traits
This review explains the various characteristics of a hot tub. This is so that the buyer can comprehend the different attributes, models, benefit it gives the user, and the modus operandi.

2. Pricing
The price ranges of the hot tubs are included in the reviews. Hence, it gives the potential buyer an idea of the price of what they want to purchase, and how much to save up for a purchase.

3. Merits and Demerits
The hot tub review also informs you on the advantages and disadvantages of using the product. This way, the potential buyer knows what to expect from using a brand.

4. Buyers’ Experiences
Because these reviews are done on shopping sites that deal in hot tubs, you have the opportunity to read comments and reviews from existing users. This can be either long and detailed, or short and concise. Also, while some of the feedbacks are positive, others could be negative. Overall, the main aim is for a potential customer to find what he wants regardless of the type of comment.

5. Ratings
This review also features ratings by existing customers. The various brands are rated based on durability, efficiency, affordability, life span and what have you. The type of rating a product gets helps you to get more informed.

So who is eligible to make these reviews?

There isn’t a hard and fast rule to it; As long as you or anyone has had an experience with the hot tub, by way of using it, then you are permitted to do a review. Sometimes, emails are sent to users or customers by manufacturers themselves, requesting that their hot tub be given a review. After getting a feedback from customers, they then publish these reviews for new buyers to follow on their sites. Hence it is very expedient for potential buyers to visit these online sites, so as to be better knowledgeable about these various products.

So if you have been a user of hot tub, or are trying to use one; it wouldn’t be a bad move for you to do a short or long review on your experience. Who knows; you might just be helping someone make a great decision on the type of hot tub to buy, and the maximum satisfaction to be likely got from the purchase of the product.


Spotting the Best Hot Tubs

Have you ever admired a hot tub and wondered just how its owner found it? Owning a home spa is without doubt a great experience anyone would crave to have. However, finding that particular hot tub doesn’t just require your walking into the store without an  inkling about what type you hot tub does it for you. Finding that superb tub requires some research on the type you want and what it really entails.

There is an avalanche of hot tubs. So, what are those qualities that make a hot tub stand out? Here are the factors you must consider in finding that perfect tub.

Best Hot TubsHere are four awesome factors to consider spotting the best tubs.

1. Sturdiness
The best hot tubs are the ones that have great toughness. You will have to be sure that the tub you want to acquire is durable, before you make that commitment of buying it. It is important to read about spas models and brands that say a whole lot about the toughness of the tub. An excellent tub should withstand harsh climates and different environments.

2. Safety
Safety is one of the factors you must be looking out for. The hot tub should be safe to use by anyone. Unsafe hot tubs always subjects people to burns and electrocution. Hence you must be sure to find the right one that wouldn’t be hazardous to you or your loved ones.

3. Excellent Quality
The best hot tubs give the user optimum satisfaction. Hot tubs with excellent features satisfy the user in every sense of the word. This is so that the user can have a time of their lives.

4. Attractiveness
The best hot tubs are usually attractive to the potential buyer. The way the tub is designed and the material it was made from, contributes to this. A mere look at the best hot tubs exudes comfort and relaxation, so that the prospective user doesn’t resist it.

So what do you stand to gain when you find the best tub?

Owning the best hot tub comes with a great sense of achievement and pride, especially if you purchased it with your hard earned money. Most people in this shoe leave nothing back at showing off to people at the slightest opportunity. Some even host spa parties, and see it as an opportunity for family and loved ones to see and know about the hot tub experience.

Much more than the sense of accomplishement, you can be sure that after a very hard day at work, you would be coming home to have an awesome experience; by the soothing and relaxing feeling the hot tub would give your muscle, joint and general body. If you have used your hard earned money to buy that spa, then you will feel fulfilled.

If you are asking which hot tub could possibly satisfy you maximally, then you need to know that there really isn’t a hard and fast rule about which brands or models of hot tubs do excellently well. While one might satisfy a user, it also might not satisfy another. Therefore, choice should be an indicator to which hot tub is the best.


How and Where To Spot Places with the Best Hot Tub Prices

Thinking of buying a hot tub or home spa, and you want to get it at a great price, but don’t know where to? Every shopper knows that buying products at great prices saves all the stress. Hence finding the best place with the best hot tub prices for you makes the whole difference.

If it is a home spa, then making sure that you get it at a really great offer will do you a world of good. So how and where do you find a superb price?

Here are ways that could work for you in finding great hot tub prices;

1. The Internet
These days, the internet has made it a whole lot easier for shoppers of different products to identify stores that offer fair prices. The internet suggests stores that offer great deals, as well as manufacturer that churn out durable and quality hot tubs. Take advantage of the web, by browsing and searching through scores of online stores that deal In spa accessories.

2. Request for a Price List
You can still take advantage of the internet by sending the hot tub manufacturer a mail, requesting to have their price lists. You can also fill out forms stating your request for a price list. And you can be sure that they will be willing to take on your request. Also, you can make your order and special offers for shipping will be made available.

3. Search for Coupons
Almost all manufacturers of consumer products offer coupons to promote their products and services online. You can readily find these coupons in manufacturer websites; and one of the advantages of finding coupons is that they could drastically lower prices of hot tubs. A lot of these coupon offers are found online, especially in manufacturer websites.

Best Hot Tub Prices4. Window Shopping
You can still go the good old way, by store hopping. Search stores that sell hot tubs, home spas and accessories and compare which product has the best price offer.

5. Specailty Shops
You would more often than not get  great deals at specialty shops, because they offer discounts on spa items and products. This is so because these shops offer variety of brands and models.

6. Discount Furniture Stores
Stores where furniture and home spa items are sold, is also a great avenue to get a super price. Check the internet for online furniture stores and you can be sure will get a discount.

So, what hot tub price range, is classified good?

Home spas and hot tubs might not come as cheap as you think. You must be ready to spend not less than $500 for one. Those that come less than a $1,000 are made of relatively cheap materials, but don’t mean they are not durable.

If on the other hand, you have got the money, want to pamper yourself and will stop at nothing to get that luxurious feel, then you can go for the hot tubs that are way above $1,000. These types have variety of features like water jets; lights, and can accommodate more people.

If you think you can afford even more than $5, 000,  be assured you will get them in the stores. There isn’t harm in spoiling you and your loved ones with some luxury and class.


Buy a Cheap Hot Tub and Save A Whole Lot More

If you have desired a home spa, but can’t afford thousands of dollars to purchase one, be assured that there is a respite. You can own a cheap hut tub, without breaking the banks. It proposes the same essential comfort that is provided by more expensive hot tubs.

Cheap Hot TubBuying a cheap hot tub, affords you the opportunity to save a whole lot. If you decide to buy one however, you must also condition your mind to be ready to acknowledge that there are some characteristics that a cheap hot tub can never have, which an expensive one has.

How about taking a look at 2 demerits of owning a cheap hot tub;

1. Low in Durability
There is no guarantee that your cheap hot tub was made with a great quality material. This is because it is cheap; and cheap hot tubs are most likely made with less durable materials, which can be less tough than the expensive ones.

2. Straightforward Design
A cheap hot tub might be more straightforward in design as compared to an expensive tub. Most expensive tubs are plush-looking and have a number of added features aimed at giving the user optimum comfort and satisfaction.

What happens if you are the type that prefers a cheap tub over a plush and classy one? Here is what you might have to expect with owning a cheap tub;

1. In Ground Hot tub
This type of tub, has to be embedded into the ground. A whole is dug in the ground and a plumbing system has to be in place, to ensure that there is free flow of water into the tub. At the end of the day, this type of tub might cost more, because of the cost of labour.

2. Acrylic Hot Tub
This is considered to be a cheap hot tub. Acrylic tubs are cheaper because they do not have to be entrenched to the ground, and also won’t require labour of any sort.

3. Portable Tub
This can be considered to be the cheapest, compared to the ones already mentioned. It doesn’t need much installation effort, and can be moved to any location of your choice. Hence, this means that it is self installing.

Now that you probably have made up your mind about buying a cheap hot tub, where might you possibly get one?

You can acquire a cheap tub in specialized stores for hot tubs, home spas and accessories. Also at discount stores, furniture stores, and online discount stores that sell used and new tubs. There are a number of models and brands available.

If you choose to order a discounted tub online, then you will be saving a whole lot of money.However,be sure to verify the authenticity of the site, so as to save yourself the stress of going from store to store looking for that ideal cheap tub.

It doesn’t matter whether you own a cheap hot tub, or an expensive one. What is paramount is the ultimate satisfaction you get from it.


Acquiring a Second Hand Hot Tub

Thinking about acquiring a hot tub, and don’t have money to buy a brand new one? Perhaps what you didn’t know was that the best hot tubs don’t just come as brand new. You can also get that perfect tub as a second hand.
Switching your interest over from a new one to a hot tub for sale, could certainly fetch you that perfect tub that matches your budget.
You can take advantage of the various local stores, online shops, furniture stores, specialty shops, discount stores, as well as online sites that customize hot tubs according to a user’s preference.  You can choose from various models and brands on display that wouldn’t cost as much as a brand new tub.

Here are reasons why acquiring a second hand hot tub, might not be a bad idea after all;

1. Best When Relocating
If you are thinking of moving into a new apartment where there isn’t a home spa, it would be wise to take advantage of one of the hot tubs for sale. It comes in handy when relocating into a new home, because you can readily look up and buy a second hand hot tub for you and your family.

2. Enjoy At Home
If owning a hot tub has been your desire, you too can comfortably own, and relax in the comfort of your home without much stress.

Second Hand Hot Tub3. Affordability
Some brand new hot tubs cost over five thousand dollars, but there still are a few ones with great quality that could be relatively cheaper. You can be sure that they  would give the same satisfaction as other hot tubs.

4. Great Quality
In specialized stores that sell hot tubs, you can be sure to find very good quality hot tubs with different models that would guarantee maximum satisfaction, and would last for long.

5. Ease Your Tension
A hot tub is a really pleasurable way of relaxing. Take advantage of the Hydrotherapy, does well to ease the tension that builds in the muscle and causes aches, stress and pains. The warm water massage eases away stress, giving you a relaxed and stress-free feeling. Also, the hydrotherapy boosts circulation and speed up the body’s natural process of healing.

6. Socializing Avenue
Socialize with a few close friends and relatives while pampering yourself in a spa-like location and enjoying the benefits of your bodies massaged with warm water.
There are still avalanches more of advantages you can derive from owing a second hand spa. If you can afford it, your days of wishes are over, as you can take advantage of the opportunity it affords.
There is no hard and fast rule about owning a hot tub. It all depends on your preference and affordability. What is paramount in the mind of every user is the satisfaction they want to get. Hence manufacturers strive as much as they can to see that every user gets the best of hot tubs they purchase.
Though these stores do not make home deliveries because they are weighty, but you can make arrangements to pick them up.


The FABs of Hot Tubs and Spas

It is a fact that hot tubs and spas relax the body. People like it because it helps them to relieve stress from their body after a hard day’s work.  Many people know what this awesome machine can do to their body, hence the reason why they patronize gyms and hotels for a relaxing session in the tub. However, many are still at a loss when it comes to the importance and features of a spa. Below are features and benefits of using a spa.

Features of Hot Tub Spas

There are many features on a hot tub that you need to check out when thinking of purchasing one. Apart from its outward beauty, you need to know how it operates as well. When looking at the body of the tub, look for the structures under it and its outer covering. Ensure that there are no visible cracks or leaks on the outward part of the hot tub. It should not have bubbles or any defects at all. High quality spas have UV resistance level. Some tubs also have equipment for testing the changes in temperature. This feature is good if you live in a place where there is extreme climate. Some tubs have the structures under them made from fiberglass or solid foam. This material helps to keep the water in the tub warm.
Another great feature of hot tubs is the cabinetry. This is mostly common to portable hot tubs. The cabinet is a place where you can keep your spa products. The cabinet also adds to the beauty of the hot tub. It is made of wood-like substance in appearance. A high quality hot tub cabinet should be easy to remove when you need to service it.
Hot tubs and spas have a heating system that keeps the water warm at a required temperature. Most high quality hot tubs have their heaters wrapped around the water pipes instead of allowing it to be exposed to water. If the heater works well, the water will take less time to get warm. This also implies that more energy will be used up in the process.
Filters and pumps are also part of hot tubs. Most hot tubs that uses filter are of the cartridge type. The filter needs to be cleaned out once every month. The location of the pump and the filter is very important. It should be located in an accessible place so that they can easily be checked out if they malfunction.
The insulation is also a feature of the hot tub. High quality hot tub has good insulation, either made of solid foam or a layered insulation. Water jets are also part of the hot tub. It helps to create a massaging effect on the body through hydrotherapy.
In addition, most modern spas have TV or DVD system, pillows, multi-coloured lights and waterfalls.

Advantages and Benefits of Hot Tubs and Spas

Hot tubs are popular for the hydrotherapy functions it provides. Hydrotherapy or warm water massage is a great way to make the body relax and release stress from the mind. When buoyancy, warm massage and heat are combined together in good proportion, the body enjoys a healthy, safe and relaxing feel.  When you undergo hydrotherapy on a regular basis, your body will be healthy for a long time.
Water has healing properties.  It can relieve muscle and joint pains through hydrotherapy. It can enable you to sleep peacefully without headaches generated by tension and stress. This is so because the warm water in the hot tub assists the blood vessels in the body to properly expand, dilate and permits blood to flow through thereby alleviating headaches. The same goes for muscle or joint pains as hydrotherapy assists blood circulation throughout the body thereby enabling the vessels to dilate.  As bloods flows through freely, the nutrients also flow easily thereby fixing any tissue that is damaged.
hot tubs relaxationWhen you relax in warm water before your bed time, it will make it easy for you to sleep very deeply. Hydrotherapy also relieves arthritic pain. This is the reason why most doctors advise people with arthritis to relax in hot tubs and spas. It is also been said that hydrotherapy assists in controlling diabetes. This was found in the study carried out in Colorado that there was a drop of 13% in the glucose level of diabetic patient who uses hot tubs and spas for 30 minutes in six days. This brought about the conclusion that relaxing in hot tub reduces the glucose level and blood pressure of the body.
Other benefits of hydrotherapy include relief from multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, depression and carpal tunnel syndrome. With all the benefit mentioned about hydrotherapy above, it is good to enjoy a relaxing moment in hot tubs and spas on a consistent basis.


The Inflatable Hot Tub vs. Leisure Bay Spas

The recent technological innovation in the world of spa is the inflatable hot tub. It is popularly known majorly because it is cheap and very easy to use and move around than the old conventional hot tubs.

The Conventional Leisure Bay Spas Hot Tub Versus The Inflatable Hot Tub

The conventional hot tub and the new inflatable hot tub serve the same purpose. However, they have their differences, which can go a long way to determine which type of hot tubs to buy.  The inflatable hot tub is more flexible than the conventional one. This is so because it can be collapsed and set up on any flat surface. In addition to that, inflatable hot tub runs on lower volt (i.e. 120 volts) compared to the conventional one. It can be plugged in any common outlet in the home. Because of its low energy usage, portable hot tubs have low operating cost as compared to the conventional type.
Inflatable Hot TubDespite the advantages of Inflatable hot tubs, it has few disadvantages, which will also help you in making decision of whether to buy it or go for the conventional type.  The common disadvantage is its durability.  Because of its movable nature, it is made up of materials that are light and less durable. Conventional hot tubs on the other hand are made of strong materials that can withstand wear and tear and hence, last for a long time. The second disadvantage of inflatable hot tubs is that it has less heating power. If you look carefully at its features, the inflatable hot tub does not have water jets, instead of that, it has a blower that blows air around to produce hydrotherapy effect and it doesn’t have much insulation. Because of this, the temperature of the water in the hot tub cannot be maintained, it cools very fast.  The last disadvantage of this hot tub is that it is difficult to set up and dismantle. The process of setting up includes pumping air into the tub so that it can be inflated and filling the tub with water when it is inflated.
Then you will have to wait for sometime for the water to get to the temperature you desired. When dismantling it, you will need to remove the water and air from the tub.

When Is An Inflatable Hot Tub The Better Option?

When you are thinking of buying a hot tub for your home and you don’t have plenty of cash to spare, you can consider buying the inflatable hot tub. It is cheaper than the conventional hot tubs common in most homes. You don’t have to spend more than a thousand dollars for this type of inflatable tub and you can relax in your home spa.  In addition to that, if you don’t have much time left to spend in your current location, it is better to buy the inflatable hot tub so that you can take it with you wherever you relocate to.
If you are living in a rented apartment now, you may have the plan to own your home in the future. It will be good if you can buy the inflatable hot tub instead of the conventional hot tub because you can take it with you and no need for you to alter the design of your home because of the tub. With the conventional hot tub, you will need to dig a large hole in the ground to house the hot tub. This could imply that you need permission from the home owner to do so. This can be very stressful for you. However, if you purchase the inflatable type, you can set it up in any flat surface around your home, whether outside or inside. You don’t have to worry about positioning it inside a hole, thereby disrupting your home design.


Portable Spas: Your Best Option For a Home Spa

Hot tub manufacturers are now concentrating their efforts in producing portable spas or hot tubs. The modern technology of these movable hot tubs has created opportunities for people to have hot tubs in their homes.
Home owners now have access to various kinds of hot tubs in their homes apart from the old in-ground hot tubs. With portable hot tubs in various homes, there will be no need for people to go to the gym or public spa for hydrotherapy relaxation.  Everyone can just stay at home and enjoy their relaxation time in their own hot tubs.

What’s So Good About A Portable Spa?

Portable spa has numerous advantages that cannot be overlooked. Its major advantage lies in the fact that it can be transferred from one place to the other, as far as you have a smooth flat surface for it. Years ago, hot tubs are installed inside the ground. This process is energy sapping and it is even more tedious to uninstall it. This makes it difficult to move for people who will want to relocate to another place. However, this is not the case with portable spa. Installing portable hot tubs is not difficult as there is no need to dig a hole for it in the ground. You can just unpack and set it up.  Moving it from one place to the other is also very easy with less installation stress.

Types of Portable Spas

There are two different kinds of portable spas. There is a solidly-built spa and inflatable spa. The solidly – built spa as the name implies is solidly built. You cannot dismantle the parts. The build does not prevent it from being moved from one place to another. It can be moved when you want to relocate to another place.
The second type of spa is the inflatable hot tubs. Because air is inflated into the tub, it can be deflated and dismantled. Once that is done, it can be packed and placed in a box. It is very light to handle and does not take large space to set up like the solidly-built portable hot tubs.
The inflatable spas have spaces for two or four people while the solid hot tubs can take more numbers of people. Infact, some solid portable hot tubs can take about seven people at once. It also has more features such as multi-colored lights, cabinets, water jets, waterfalls, TV or DVD system. The two types of portable spa are designed using different shapes apart from the well known rectangular shape.

How Much Should One Expect For A Portable Spa?

Inflatable spas are sold in shops at less than a thousand dollars. However, there are inflatable hot tubs that goes for about five hundred to a thousand dollars. They are of high quality. The solid portable hot tubs are sold for less than a thousand dollars. They are produced from hard materials which makes it a little bit expensive than the inflatable spa.  There are costly luxurious hot tubs that are sold at five thousand dollars. They have complete features to help you maximize your relaxation and hydrotherapy sessions.
How To Choose The Best Portable Spa
If you are thinking of purchasing a portable spa, you can look around for information so that you will know more about it. There are numerous companies online that manufactures home hot tubs and you can get to know about the brands and models of spa they produces. Most of these companies have their product website showing all their products and services. This will make it very easy for you to get the needed information. Portable Spas
While you are on their websites, you can decide to check out the prices for portable spas on each manufacturer’s site. Then make comparison so that you can choose the most appropriate product at the right price for you. Most of these websites features customers’ testimonies or feedback that can help you to know more about each brand of portable hot tubs. When you carry out a detail research, it will help you to have more knowledge about the hot tub you want to purchase. It will make it easier for you to choose the home spa you want. When you are done with your choice, you can now make your orders and enjoy your hot tub.


Choosing The Best Hot Tub Covers

Choosing The Best Hot Tub CoversA hot tub looks complete with the cover in place. Hot tub cover is a necessary accessory for your spa. It helps to prevent debris and dirt in the environment from finding their way into the tub. If you have no cover for your hot tub, you can easily buy a cover for it. After all, it is not expensive and it makes your tub look clear and clean. There are two types of spa covers i.e. the soft and the hard cover. The soft covers are cheap and can be purchased at less than a hundred dollars. However, the hard cover is a bit expensive but more durable.  Make sure you choose the best cover for your hot tub.  You can get hot tub covers for sale in shops where spa accessories are sold whether online or offline in shops. But, there is need for you to make up your mind on what type of cover you want to purchase. This will help you to save time when searching for the cover.

What To Look For In A Hot Tub Cover

It is very important before making any purchase whether online or offline to ensure that the product you are purchasing has value for the money you want to spend on it. This also goes for hot tub covers, make sure you are buying a cover that is worth the money.
There are qualities you need to watch out for when buying a hot tub cover, they include high quality, lastingness, energy savings and complete insulation. A high quality hot tub must be able to stand against any form of wear and tear. It must not be affected by weather conditions no matter how harsh and other situations that will tend to want to affect it. Complete insulation and energy savings are good qualities of a hot tub cover you need to look for. If your cover has these qualities, you can be rest assured that it will preserve the temperature of the water thereby reducing your electrical bills.
The importance of purchasing quality product cannot be over emphasized because if you neglect it, you will end up spending more money buying the same product again and again. If you take your time now and get a good cover, it will save you from thinking of buying a spa cover later in the future.
It is a fact that everyone wants to purchase cheap product. However, in doing so, most people end up buying low quality product that will not stand the test of time. Therefore, if you are looking for a hot tub cover, do not search for a low priced one as you might end up picking a low quality cover that will not last for a long time. It is better to purchase a good spa cover at a good price.

Hard or Soft Hot Tub Covers?

Hot tub covers are of two types – the soft and hard one. The common one is the hard cover. People tend to buy it more than the soft covers majorly because it is more durable  or they don’t know that the soft cover exists. If you have made up your mind to buy a hot tub cover, you have to know the type of cover you want. You can research online to find out the benefits of both soft and hard cover and pick the one that is suitable for your use.
The soft cover is very cheap and affordable than the hard cover. But when it comes to durability, the hard cover last longer because of its build. The materials used in making it are thicker and more solid. This implies that it can stand against adverse conditions such as hard weather conditions. Hard cover also have better insulation, so it is able to retain temperature of water for a longer time.
For those looking for lighter and softer cover, the soft cover will be the best. It is very light in weight because the materials used in producing it is soft, but may not be able to withstand harsh weather conditions.
It really depends on what you need, if you prefer to have a lightweight and cheap cover, it is better to look for soft cover. But, if you need something that will last long and durable, go for the hard cover.